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9 Interior Paint Colors That Go With a Red Brick Wall or Fireplace

Getting ready to paint, but not sure what interior paint colors go with a red brick wall? You’re not alone!

If you have a brick fireplace or a brick wall in the room you’re about to paint, you might feel a little intimidated at the prospect of choosing a paint color that complements rather than clashing with the brickwork. 

The first consideration should be the overall ambiance you’re aiming for and the second should be your particular red brick shade. 

Let me share ten colors, plus some additional things to consider when selecting a paint color that goes with red brick. First of all….

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Is Red Brick Out Of Style?

Brick is a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary designs. Like it or not, it’s a timeless building material that is here to stay. 


Not all red brick is created equal. Some are brighter, bolder reds, while other, more outdated bricks are the darker shades of red with brown undertones. 

Which is why you really need to take YOUR particular shade into consideration and TEST paint colors before settling on one.

Testing Paint Colors

You have several different options when it comes to trying out paint colors in your space:

  • Paint at least two coats directly onto the wall (at least a 12″x12″ area)
  • Paint onto a piece of sheetrock that you can move around the room
  • Order a 12″x12″ movable sticker from Samplize (made with two coats of real paint)

FYI — the Samplize swatches will be delivered right to your doorstep in as soon as 1-3 days (although they can take a little longer at times in my experience).

Use code FIRSTFIVE for a discount on your first Samplize order!

When we get to the list of paint colors, I’ll also include links to order each of the recommended colors from Samplize, in case you’re interested in trying them out!

contemporary interior with white walls and red brick feature wall

Does Gray Go With Red Brick?

Yes, gray can go with red brick, but the exact shade you choose will be highly dependent on your shade of red brick.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to look on the warmer end of the gray spectrum when pairing it with a red brick, although some gray-blues play nicely with it, as well.

A Note On Neutral Colors 

It’s hard to go wrong when you go neutral! It’s like having a blank canvas, onto which you can splash any colors you like. Although they’re not the most exciting hues, colors like white, beige, and gray are the safest options, and many of the paint color options are likely to go with red brick.

The best neutral paint colors to pair with red brick are:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Greige
  • Beige
  • Black

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the top paint color choices.

1. Blue

You can pair various blues with red brick. As always, make sure to consider how dark your red brick is before investing in any specific paint color. 

Do you have muted red bricks? Consider a darker blue, like navy. 

However, be sure to balance the darkness with some lighter accents to offset any potential gloominess. Moody is good – dreary is not!

SW 9178 In The Navy

This deep shade of navy blue brings sophisticated elegance to any space and, honestly, it’s one of my favorite Sherwin Williams blues. In fact, I currently have this color in my entryway!

Red brick and blue paint create contrast and add dimension to a room — particularly if the brick has obvious orange undertones.

Order a sample of In The Navy.

Aegean Teal 2136-40

If you’re aiming for a mid-tone teal, then Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal – a mixture of blue and green with a hint of gray – could be the perfect choice.

Order a sample of Aegean Teal.

2. Black

When done correctly, black is a beautiful accent color in a room with red bricks. It can really make a fireplace or a brick accent wall pop! 

SW 7069 Iron Ore

A dark charcoal hue, Sherwin Williams Iron Ore would look stunning next to the warm tones of red brick.

Order a sample of Iron Ore.

3. Yellow

Bright yellow against a dark red brick wall is certain to make an impact! For a soft-but-cheery ambiance, go for a light, pastel yellow.

Or choose one of these variations:

SW 6677 Goldenrod

A darker, more golden variation of yellow, Goldenrod by Sherwin Williams has brownish undertones that will really cozy up your space.

Order a sample of Goldenrod.

Tuscan Sun (PPG12-17)

Tuscan Sun by PPG is a warm, muted shade of yellow with brownish sunflower-esque undertones. The perfect complement to a warm, brownish red brick wall or fireplace!

Order a sample of Tuscan Sun.

4. Orange

Red brick with orange paint sounds like an unusual and, perhaps, unattractive pair. But hear me out! 

Whether you want to introduce a splash of color in your kitchen or go for a deep, warm living space, red brick next to an orangey hue could be a viable option. 

Carrot Stick 2016-30

This is a bold choice, for sure! But it could work nicely with brighter, more orange-y toned red brick. I’d suggest using it strictly as an accent to keep the carrot orange from getting overwhelming. 

Order a sample of Carrot Stick.

5. Gray/Greige

If done incorrectly, darker paint colors could potentially make a room with red brick appear dreary and uninviting. 

This makes light gray and greige (which is becoming increasingly popular, by the way) the perfect neutral substitutes for darker shades. Their neutral tones create a modern and sophisticated vibe, while adding a touch of coziness to your space if you stick with paint colors that have warmer undertones. 

(Wondering what exactly is greige? It’s simply a blend of gray and beige, resulting in a warmer alternative to gray.)

SW 7029 Agreeable Gray

This soft, warm Sherwin Williams gray (or greige, actually) is incredibly versatile and works well in nearly every room.

Order a sample of Agreeable Gray.

SW 7016 Mindful Gray

A balanced greige, Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams is super neutral, meaning it doesn’t appear to have any obvious undertones.

Order a sample of Mindful Gray.

6. White

White is a timeless choice preferred by many homeowners. When paired with red brick, its clean, crisp feel provides a striking balance for the brick’s industrial edge.

Absolutely, without a doubt, go for the white paint colors with warm undertones (or a true white with no undertones) – blue or purple undertones will clash with its warmth. 

SW 7008 Alabaster

One of my personal favorites, Alabaster by Sherwin Williams is a soft, creamy white with light cream and slight green undertones.

Order a sample of Alabaster.

Looking for more white options? Here are the four best Sherwin Williams white paint colors.

Atrium White OC-145

Benjamin Moore Atrium White is a soft, pretty white paint color with warm pink undertones. The pink isn’t all that obvious, though, unless it’s paired with whites that have different undertones.

Order a sample of Atrium White.

Looking for more white options? Check out my list of TEN awesome Benjamin Moore white paint colors.

7. Beige

Many tan and beige paints could blend seamlessly with red brick.

On the other hand, dark browns are challenging and are typically best avoided when it comes to a wall color, unless you really know what you’re doing. 

SW 6106 Kilim Beige

One of my long time favorites, Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams is so versatile, and its brown-orange undertones practically beg to be paired with brick interiors.

Order a sample of Kilim Beige.

8. Green

Since red and green sit right across from each other on the color wheel, this combination is a winner! I’ve compiled a list of greens that can take your red brick wall from drab to fab. 

SW 6433 Inverness

This deep and earthy tone is the perfect complement to red brick. It’s one of my newest favorites, and I’m determined to incorporate it into my own space — one way or another. (Of course, I’m all about making a bold statement when it comes to my home interior!)

Order a sample of Inverness.

October Mist 1495

Benjamin Moore’s October Mist is a soft, dreamy sage. Not only is it 2022’s Color of the Year, but it’s also the perfect complement to a red brick fireplace or feature wall in your home.

Order a sample of October Mist.

9. Plum

A rich color like plum can look stunning when coordinated with red brick. If you love the idea of painting your space plum, but feel it might get a little overwhelming, consider using it as an accent in the room.

For example, you could paint a board and batten accent wall, the space above wainscoting, or simply paint your interior door in this rich hue.

Passion Plum 2073-30

A deep purple with a hint of red, Passion Plum by Benjamin Moore brings a perfectly ripened piece of fruit to mind.

Order a sample of Passion Plum.

10. Bronze

A deep, rich bronze would look stunning as an accent with your red brick! Of course, if you overdo it by painting all of the walls bronze, the space could end up feeling dreary. But the perfect amount could be a nice, warm complement to the bricks in your room.

SW 7048 Urbane Bronze

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze almost looks brown or black, depending on your lighting, although it’s actually a gray with deep brown or bronze undertones.

Order a sample of Urbane Bronze.


By now, hopefully you have an inkling of the color palette you want to use in your room with red brick! 

Of course, you should always, ALWAYS test your paint colors with a sample can of paint (two coats will give you the best results) or with Samplize paint stickers before committing to any color. 

It might seem that red brick is outdated, but truthfully, I don’t think it’ll ever be gone. A red brick fireplace accent wall can still look beautiful in your traditional home interior – and exposed brick is still a popular material choice in the industrial style loft.

What paint colors will you choose to complement the red brick wall or fireplace in your home?

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