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10 of the BEST Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors for Your Interior

If you’re looking for the best Benjamin Moore white paint color, we’ve gotcha covered! Today, we’re delving into ten gorgeous Benjamin Moore whites and figuring out which is the best choice for your space.

Now, by including them in our list, we’re not saying that just ANY of them would work in ANY interior space. Some are warm and some are cool. Some are more yellow and others more gray.

Some will work better in your home than others.

We’re simply giving you some of the most beautiful white Benjamin Moore paint colors and guiding you through the process of selecting the very best one(s) for your home.

Ready to begin? Great! Let’s go.

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What is the Most Popular Benjamin Moore White?

All of the Benjamin Moore whites listed below could be considered some of the most popular. However, if you’re looking for the most pure white (with little to no undertone) then Chantilly Lace OC-65 and Super White OC-152 fit the bill. They’re the “whitest” white paint colors by Benjamin Moore.

According to their website, these two whites:

  • are adaptable.
  • are super bright.
  • have a high light reflectance value.

A high light reflectance value (LRV) simply means that they reflect a lot of light. LRV runs on a scale from 0-100. (Don’t worry: For each of the colors listed below, we will also provide the LRV.)

We’ll let you know what undertones each white has, as well, and will share a direct link to Samplize where you can order 12″x12″ peel-and-stick samples of each white that you want to try in your own home.

Please note: Paint colors can look significantly different on your device’s screen than they do in real life, so sampling them at home is highly recommended.

1. Chantilly Lace OC-65

chantilly lace

LRV: 92.2

Undertones: Blue, Gray

Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace is one of the whitest whites and has very little undertone.

While it’s a pretty flexible hue that can look warmer in south facing rooms, it actually has blue or gray undertones, preventing it from looking yellow. For a white with slightly yellow undertones, check out BM Simply White (scroll down to #6 on the list).

But again, it has so little of the blue-gray in it that, in most types of light, you can hardly see the blue or gray.

Order a sample of Chantilly Lace.

2. Super White OC-152

super white

LRV: 89.09

Undertones: Gray, Blue

Like Chantilly Lace, Super White is one of the whitest whites and has very little undertone. It has a slightly lower LRV than Chantilly Lace, though, making it a little on the softer side.

Still, it’s a crisp, clean white that leans slightly cool, yet can easily pick up on colors from its surroundings.

Order a sample of Super White.

3. Cloud White OC-130

cloud white

LRV: 85

Undertones: Yellow, Black

Not as crisp and bright as the first two options, Cloud White is a warm white Benjamin Moore paint color with cream undertones, along with a touch of black to keep it from getting too yellow.

Keep in mind that, in a North facing room, that warmth will keep your walls from looking too cool, and it will look even warmer in a South facing room.

And, as with any white paint, Cloud White could pick up on large amounts of any surrounding color, whether inside the house or even from the greenery outside.

Order a sample of Cloud White.

4. White Dove OC-17

white dove

LRV: 85.35

Undertones: Yellow, Gray

Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is a creamy, neutral off-white color that is neither warm nor cool. Since it’s an off-white, it’s a great choice for homes with lots of natural light. In a darker space, it could look a little drab.

It’s similar to Cloud White, but with slightly less yellow.

White Dove works well on walls, cabinets, trim, and even as an exterior paint color.

Order a sample of White Dove.

5. Oxford White CC-30

oxford white

LRV: 88.85

Undertones: Gray

Oxford White is a very neutral, muted white with no obvious undertones. It’s a clean, modern white paint color.

It isn’t stark white, though, and can even look warm (without looking yellow).

Order a sample of Oxford White.

6. Simply White OC-117

simply white

LRV: 91.7

Undertones: Yellow

With a high LRV, Simply White is a highly reflective white color, but it has a very noticeably yellow undertone, which might get a little too warm in South facing rooms.

Simply White is a popular white paint color for any surface you can name — walls, cabinets, trim, and so on. But if you’re painting one of these surfaces Simply White, for the sake of cohesiveness, you’ll want to stick with Simply White for any others that you plan on painting white.

You can always add a little interest by choosing a different sheen (eg. satin for the walls and semi-gloss for trim).

Order a sample of Simply White.

7. Intense White OC-51

intense white

LRV: 74.52

Undertones: Warm Gray, Green

Benjamin Moore’s Intense White is an off-white with warm gray and very slight green undertones. It’s a pretty flexible paint color that looks great with various shades of gray, and can be paired with a whiter trim (or even the same trim color).

Order a sample of Intense White.

8. Atrium White OC-145

atrium white

LRV: 87.04

Undertones: Pink

Atrium White is a soft, pretty white paint color with warm pink undertones. The pink isn’t all that obvious until it’s paired with whites that have different undertones.

That’s what makes it slightly tricky to work with — but if you’re looking for a warm, feminine white paint, then Atrium White could make a great choice.

Order a sample of Atrium White. 

9. Paper White OC-55

paper white

LRV: 75.89

Undertones: Gray

Paper White is more light gray than white, and it’s a soft, creamy hue that doesn’t get too warm or cool. It’s a nice, neutral paint color.

Order a sample of Paper White.

10. Decorator’s White CC-20

decorator's white

LRV: 84.61

Undertones: Gray, Purple, Blue

With its lower LRV, Decorator’s White is a nice, soft white paint color. And due to its cool purple/blue undertones, it’s definitely on the cooler side, and could look a little too cold in the cooler North facing light.

Decorator’s White would look great with any color that has purple or blue undertones, although you’ll want to be careful if pairing it with any colors that have yellow in them.

Order a sample of Decorator’s White.

Don’t see a color that’s quite what you’re looking for? Grab a Sherwin Williams fan deck or a Benjamin Moore fan deck of paint colors from Amazon for more ideas.

How Do I Choose a Benjamin Moore White Paint?

Here are a few key steps toward choosing the perfect white paint color for your home.

1. Understand Undertones

First of all, do you want a white that has warm or cool undertones? Take a look at the other materials in your home.

If you have lots of warm colors already, you’ll want a white with warm (pink, orange, red, yellow) undertones. And if your interior is cooler, then look for blue, purple, or green undertones in a white paint.

And as we mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for a white with little to no undertone, then Chantilly Lace OC-65 and Super White OC-152 would be your best bet.

Of course, we’re generalizing here, and every space is unique. Which is why we highly recommend trying out samples of each white you’re considering — you might be surprised at how much a color can change in your space!

2. Order Samples

You have a couple different options when it comes to sampling Benjamin Moore paints. The standard way of sampling paints is to buy sample pots, foam brushes/rollers, and some foam board. Then you simply paint a couple coats onto the foam board to see how it looks in your home.

The easier method: Grab some 12″x12″ peel-and-stick samples from Samplize. Not only is this much easier, but it’s more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Use code FIRSTFIVE for a discount on your first Samplize order!

These samples are made with two coats of the actual paint, so you can be assured that they are color correct. Plus, they arrive at your doorstep in 1-3 days. You can’t beat that!

We have provided direct links to each of the whites above, but you can also check out Samplize right here.

3. Put Them to the Test

Once you have your samples, it’s time to test them out. If you leave the backing on your sample sheets, you’ll be able to move them around from wall to wall.

You could place them against white paper, but you’ll also want to place each of your white samples next to each other to really see the nuances of each white paint.

Make sure to look at the samples several times throughout the day. You’ll witness firsthand how much the colors change as the natural lighting changes!

Also, keep in mind that one color can look significantly different from room to room, depending on which direction the room faces.

The Best Benjamin Moore White

Now that we’ve covered ten of the best Benjamin Moore white paint colors, which are you leaning toward? Have you sampled any yet? Leave your questions or comments below!

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23 thoughts on “10 of the BEST Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors for Your Interior”

  1. I have a very small bathroom with no windows. There is a small vanity with light tan countertop. The walk in shower is an off white with mingled gray. The floors are dark grayish color.
    I would like to pain the walls and cabinet in Benjamin Moore allure whites.Should I paint walls and cabinet the same color? What color or colors would you suggest?

    1. I have decided on a light gray on the walls and white dove or simple white on the vanity cabinets. Any suggestions on a gray color of the walls and the white for vanity? Thanks

      1. Hi Pat! If you’re going to pair it with gray, I would be cautious of Simply White due to the obvious yellow undertones — and if you choose it, just keep in mind that it could look pretty yellow with artificial lighting. Even then, I would choose a warm gray or greige to go with either Simply White or White Dove (which is also a creamy white, but not quite as yellow). Classic Gray and Balboa Mist are lighter greiges, while Natural Cream, Edgecomb Gray, and Revere Pewter are slightly darker but could also work. I would definitely try out some samples to make sure you’re happy with how they look in your bathroom. Good luck!

  2. I want to paint Simply White throughout most of my main living area, and use it on all the doors and trim. However, I have some bathrooms where I would prefer to use Oxford White because there are cooler tones in the baths. Would it look ok to do this, and would you paint the inside of the bathroom door Oxford, and the outside of the door Simply White??

    1. Sure! I think that could work. If you decide to do different whites, then I would definitely paint the inside/outside of the doors accordingly.

  3. I am building a house. I like the modern farmhouse/Scandinavian design. I was thinking “Chantilly Lace” for LR, DR, Kitchen (open) and like your comment on trim being same white as walls and ceiling but satin gloss. Okay – with vaulted ceilings, skylights in kitchen and DR, will Chantilly Lace be too bright? Maybe Oxford White? White Heron? (Do not want yellow of Simply White. White Dove seems a bit too “gray” to me. I have both in my current house.). I know this is handwringing! Your thoughts appreciated.

    1. Hi Jo-Ann – Chantilly Lace is really pretty and it’s a softer white, so it could be a good choice for a space with lots of light. If you have a way to try out a sample in the space before it’s painted, I would suggest doing that during different times of the day to see how it look in different lighting. Hope that helps!

  4. I am looking for a clean pure white that is not too hard on the eyes. I am leaning towards BM “white”, “super white”, “distant gray” or “decorator white”, ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. If you’re looking for the most pure white (with little to no undertone) then Chantilly Lace OC-65 and Super White OC-152 fit the bill. They’re the “whitest” white paint colors by Benjamin Moore. However, if they’re too bright for your liking, Decorator’s White is a nice, soft white paint color. BUT due to its cool purple/blue undertones, it’s definitely on the cooler side, and could look a little too cold in the cooler North facing light. Hope that helps!

  5. The whites I have used are White 01 and Super White 02.

    Now I’m confused by your different numbers. What are the correct identifying numbers for them when I need to buy more?

    1. Hi Francine – your best bet would be Chantilly Lace. It has such little undertone, it’s barely noticeable. Unfortunately, there isn’t a white that has no undertone at all.

  6. Brooke Ellison

    I have north east facing living room and a south east facing bathroom. I have a red oak floor that pulls al out of orange. When I do samples of alabaster or white dove, I’m getting a lot of yellow. What white could I do that could okay beautifully in south/west, north/east facing areas. Two whites even would be ok.

    1. Hi Brooke – If you’re getting a lot of yellow, I would avoid any of the whites with yellow undertones, and maybe try one with gray, or even green, blue or purple undertones. Perhaps Super White or Oxford White? Good luck!

  7. I’m building a new modern farmhouse house. 10 foot ceilings, lots of large windows, very open floorplan. I’m putting black pepper in master bedroom with chantilly lace trim and doors. Im using River Reflections in the open living room, kitchen and dinning rooms. Will Chantilly lace look ok with the river reflections color? I want to use same trim color throughout the home. Thank You

  8. Hi, we have an interior bathroom which we are looking to find a nice white for the walls. There are no windows and we haven’t chose the lighting but it will be a chandelier. There will also be a above the sink mirror light fixture and 2 sconces. We have a 10 foot black barrel ceiling, white fixtures and a black vanity with white top. Which white would be nice given there isnt any natural light and that the crown and base will be a nice cool medium grey(suggestions on that are welcome also) thank you

    1. Hello – you could try a warm white with creamy undertones, or even one with green in it. Otherwise, Oxford White is a very neutral, muted white you could try. I would just stay away from any pink undertones. -Tonya

  9. I have a new four season sunroom built 12×20 with a great deal of sun. I selected Chantilly Lace for the walls, wanting a very pure white. What would be the best ceiling white ? It is a cathedral ceiling. Thank you,

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