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50 Most Popular Sherwin Williams Neutral Colors [2024]

Today, we’re here to answer the burning question: What are the most popular Sherwin Williams neutral colors?

Looking for a neutral base color for your living area or a rental property that needs a fresh coat of paint? Many of us gravitate toward neutrals because they’re easy to work with. Plus, they’re the “safer” choice.

Whatever your reason, you’re on the hunt for the best neutral paint color from Sherwin Williams. And we’ve got you covered!

First of all, we’re going to talk about some of the benefits of choosing a neutral color scheme. Then we’ll go over some tips for choosing the best one for you.

Finally, we’ll be sharing a list of the fifty most popular Sherwin Williams neutrals. Without further ado….

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Popular Sherwin Williams Neutral Colors At-A-Glance

Short on time? Here are a few of the absolute most popular Sherwin Williams paint colors.

We’ll get to the Top 50 list of Sherwin Williams’ most popular colors in just a minute. But first….

Why a Neutral Color Scheme?

Some people prefer more color in their homes. Others like a nice, calming neutral backdrop. It’s all a matter of personal preference, but here are a few reasons to go neutral with your paint color(s).

  • Neutral colors are sophisticated and modern.
  • They provide a quiet, soothing atmosphere.
  • They create a feeling of openness and welcoming.
  • A neutral interior can be accentuated with a burst of color in other areas.
  • They allow you to make decor changes without having to re-paint.
  • It’s a good choice if you are planning to sell your home soon.

In Interior Design, neutral means “without color”. Neutral paint colors (beige, white, taupe, black) seem to have no color.

But for the most part they do have colors in their undertones. This is something to take into consideration when choosing a paint color. So, how do you choose the best paint color for your space?

How to Choose the Best Neutral Paint Color

If you’re struggling to decide on a paint color, take color psychology into consideration. Also consider the overall ambiance you want to achieve.

Understanding the way you want to feel when you enter this part of the house can help you determine a color family as a starting point.

So, how do you narrow it down to just one color?

  1. Sample, sample, sample.
  2. Complement your home’s existing colors.
  3. Consider your lighting.

You’ll want to consider your lighting, the existing materials in your space, and how they will look with any potential paint colors.

It’s ideal to choose your paint color last if possible — it’s much easier to find a wall color that goes with your flooring, furniture, etc. than to design an entire space around a paint color that you’ve already chosen.

Paint Samples

First of all, I would grab a peel-and-stick sample of each color that you’re considering. I promise, this way is much more cost effective than buying all of the paint and painting materials. Plus, it’ll save you a trip to the store (AND they will arrive at your doorstep in 1-3 days).

Use code FIRSTFIVE for a discount on your first Samplize order!

Once you have your samples, bring them from room to room, looking at each of them in the different types of lighting. Make sure to do this several times throughout the day. This is because your lighting will change significantly as the sun moves from East to West.

Look at it from different angles and place it next to all of your home’s materials. At least, anything that you don’t plan on replacing!

Moving on…let’s jump into the color list.

What are the Most Popular Sherwin Williams Neutral Colors?

Following are fifty of the most popular Sherwin Williams neutral paint colors.

  1. Pure White
  2. Agreeable Gray
  3. Repose Gray
  4. Alabaster
  5. Snowbound
  6. Accessible Beige
  7. Dover White
  8. Worldly Gray
  9. Tricorn Black
  10. Mindful Gray
  11. Kilim Beige
  12. Eider White
  13. Antique White
  14. Anew Gray
  15. Light French Gray
  16. Passive
  17. Amazing Gray
  18. Shoji White
  19. City Loft
  20. Creamy
  21. Dorian Gray
  22. Ceiling Bright White
  23. Greek Villa
  24. Aesthetic White
  25. Crushed Ice
  26. Natural Choice
  27. Pearly White
  28. Drift of Mist
  29. Navajo White
  30. Gauntlet Gray
  31. On the Rocks
  32. Dovetail
  33. Gray Screen
  34. Softer Tan
  35. Colonnade Gray
  36. Balanced Beige
  37. Alpaca
  38. Gossamer Veil
  39. Iron Ore
  40. Lazy Gray
  41. Divine White
  42. Incredible White
  43. Modern Gray
  44. Popular Gray
  45. Origami White
  46. Westhighland White
  47. Natural Linen
  48. First Star
  49. Peppercorn
  50. Reflection

Are you still unsure exactly how to decide which color is best for your space? Check out How to Choose Paint Colors With Confidence.

Now that you know what the most popular Sherwin Williams neutral colors are, which will you choose?

If you’re ready to move into sampling some of these paint colors, head over to Samplize. Look up those that you’re interested in trying, and order a peel-and-stick sample of each to try out in your home.

Another option is to grab a Sherwin Williams fan deck from Amazon if you want to see the full range of paint colors.

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