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5 Stunning Ideas for Pairing Blue Walls and White Trim in Your Home

It’s no wonder that you’re considering a combination of blue walls and white trim for your home. It’s a stunning combination!

Whether you’re thinking about pairing a soothing baby blue with white trim, a sophisticated navy — or something in-between — I’m going to share a few ideas to help inspire you.

Not only that, but we’re also going to figure out some color combinations that work with blue, just in case you want to incorporate any other hues into the mix.

(So many of you have wondered about what color curtains or furniture work with blue walls…and I wouldn’t want to leave you hanging!)

Ready? Let’s get started.

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But, first….

I just wanted to add a quick note before we get started. For each of my blue and white color recommendations, I have linked to either where you can buy them OR where you can grab a handy sample.

Unfortunately, my Amazon picks don’t offer samples, but they’re affordable enough that you could grab a gallon and paint a few sample coats to see how it looks before committing.

The rest of the links will bring you to Samplize, where you can get 12″x12″ peel-and-stick samples that have two coats of ACTUAL paint (so they are color correct).

They arrive at your doorstep in 1-3 days, and if you don’t peel the backing off, you can move them around your room throughout the day.

Use code FIRSTFIVE for a discount on your first Samplize order!

Light Blue Walls and White Trim

Pale blue is soothing and, when paired with white, can evoke a relaxing, spa-like feel. It works really well in bedrooms and bathrooms — I would avoid using light blue in a dining room or kitchen, though, since it can suppress the appetite.

Click here to read more about color psychology in Interior Design — or scroll down for my light blue paint color recommendations.

light blue bedroom walls with white trim

Best Light Blue Paint Colors

Breath of Fresh Air 806 by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

Breezy Beach SPR-12 by The Spruce (shop Breezy Beach on Amazon)

Atmospheric 6505 by Sherwin-Williams (order a sample)

Frozen by Clare Paint

light blue color swatches

Gray-Blue Walls and White Trim

Gray-Blue is just what it sounds like — a grayish (or muted) blue. It leans more blue than blue-gray, but remember, it’s rarely JUST a straightforward blue and gray (although Harlequin Blue pretty well hits the mark).

As you’ll see with my recommendations below, there are often other undertones in gray-blue paint, such as green. Good Jeans is a good example of that, and it almost looks teal-ish.

You’ll find my top gray-blue paint color recommendations below.

blue gray wall with white trim

Best Gray-Blue Paint Colors

Harlequin Blue 830 by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

Good Jeans by Clare Paint

Bracing Blue 6242 by Sherwin-Williams (order a sample)

Blue Marlin SPR-16 by The Spruce (shop Blue Marlin on Amazon)

gray blue color swatches

Medium Blue Walls and White Trim

Medium blue is somewhere in-between light blue and navy, and can look great in the right home. Looking to decorate with a Coastal flair? Then medium blue could be a great choice for you.

You’ll notice that medium blue paints can be all over the board — some are a little brighter, while others have more greenish or grayish undertones. Consider the options I’ve listed below.

living room with medium blue wall

Best Medium Blue Paint Colors

Flyway 6794 by Sherwin-Williams (order a sample)

Spectral Blue SPR-17 by The Spruce (shop Spectral Blue on Amazon)

Waterloo CSP-555 by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

Blue Ivy by Clare Paint

medium blue paint swatches

Bright Blue Walls and White Trim

Bright blue is fun! It’s perfect for a kids’ bedroom — or even a living room as you can see in the picture below. It might be a bit much to paint an entire living room in bright blue, but it does make a wonderful color for your accent wall.

If you decide to go with bright blue, you’ll want to carefully consider the rest of your color palette, since too many bold and bright colors can be overwhelming.

When you keep the rest of the room pretty neutral with pops of color, like the yellow accent pillows pictured below, it can work really well.

living room with bright blue walls and white trim

Best Bright Blue Paint Colors

Utah Sky 2065-40 by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

Hyperlink by Clare Paint

Dynamic Blue 6958 by Sherwin-Williams (order a sample)

Major Blue 6795 by Sherwin-Williams (order a sample)

bright blue paint swatches

Navy Walls and White Trim

Finally, we’re left with navy, and there are SO many great navy paint colors available it was hard to narrow it down to just four. Navy is a sophisticated hue that works well almost anywhere, from the bedroom to the living room.

And although blue is known to be an appetite suppressant, navy is less so, and is often a great choice for the dining room.

Of course, since it’s such a dark color, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of light in the room you want to paint with navy. (Unless you’re aiming for a moody look in your hallway!)

navy wall with white trim

Best Navy Paint Colors

Cosmic Sapphire SPR-18 by The Spruce (shop Cosmic Sapphire on Amazon)

Hale Navy HC-154 by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

Naval 6244 by Sherwin-Williams (order a sample)

Blue’d Up by Clare Paint

navy paint swatches

What is the Most Popular White for Trim?

White is white… Right?

Well, some are surprised to find out that there are quite a few different whites to choose from — yes, even when it comes to trim paint.

I definitely recommend using the same white trim color throughout the house when possible, and it’s important to consider how each white looks with your blue and any other wall color(s) as well.

If you take a look at some of the most popular white paint colors for trim (below), you’ll see that they are vastly different.

Fresh Kicks is the “whitest” of the four whites (and I would personally use this one with most of the blues in this article), while Pure White is slightly creamy. Decorator’s White has a greenish-grayish undertone, and Chantilly Lace almost looks like a blend of Pure White and Decorator’s White.

(Keep in mind that these colors will look different in your house than they do on the computer screen, so you’ll definitely want to grab samples to try out!)

White Trim Paint Colors

Fresh Kicks by Clare Paint

Pure White 7005 by Sherwin Williams (order a sample)

Decorator’s White OC-149 by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

white trim paint color swatches

Blue Wall Paint Combinations

When choosing a color palette, you have lots of options! Here are some blue wall paint combinations based on the six main color schemes:

  • Monochromatic: varying shades and tints of blue
  • Complementary: blue and orange
  • Analogous: blue, blue-green, and green OR blue, blue-purple, and purple
  • Triad: red, blue, and yellow
  • Split-complementary: blue, reddish orange, and yellow orange/gold
  • Tetradic: blue, orange, purple, and yellow (or two sets of complementary colors)

Read more about choosing a color palette for any room in your home.

What Color Curtains Go With Blue Walls?

Cooler hues and complementary colors work well with blue walls. If you want to keep it neutral, then white, gray, and black are all great curtain choices to go with your blue walls.

Otherwise, any of the complementary colors would work well, too:

  • orange
  • reddish orange
  • yellow orange (gold)

A couple other options are to either choose a darker or lighter blue for your curtains, or to buy a blue-and-white patterned curtain and match your wall paint to the blue in the curtain.

(Keep in mind that I always recommend buying your wall paint AFTER everything else — including curtains.)

What Color Furniture Goes With Blue Walls?

When choosing furniture, please do that first and then choose your blue paint color. That said, if you’re keeping it neutral, white or a very light cream and gray are good options. Or, you could also create a monochromatic look with blue walls and blue furniture.

Final Thoughts

Whew! We’ve covered a lot of ground in this article.

After going over five different types of blues, plus paint color recommendations for each, not to mention the white trim color ideas — and all of the different blue color schemes — do you still want to decorate with blue walls and white trim?

Which blue paint will you choose? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve sampled and purchased your favorite blue, it’s time to get started painting. If it’s your first time, then you’ll want to read this guide to painting walls for beginners.

Done painting? It’s time to decorate those walls! Here’s how to arrange wall art like an Interior Designer.

10 thoughts on “5 Stunning Ideas for Pairing Blue Walls and White Trim in Your Home”

  1. wow! wouldve never thought some of these blues would look that great with white! but i love the deep blue and the grey-blue colors with the white trim! so pretty!

  2. I actually love the clean look of pairing white and blue walls. I think if it’s done right, it’s beautiful. I’m surprised that I love the medium and bright blue because I usually play it safe. It’s the bright pops of color I love!

  3. We have grey walls and blue walls with white trim and only after I saw someone else’s house with this combo! I think so many people don’t realize how gorgeous and clean this color combo can be. I love the variables of blues you have here because it can be so overwhelming to choose. A Great post!

  4. These looks so nice! I love the white trimmings on the walls. The ones with the white furniture look so classy, but I need to wait till my kids get older before we do too much white. I’m going to pin this for sure, so I can come back when we are painting our living room area again.

    1. Thanks Therese! I hear ya on the furniture…I really want to get lighter colored furniture in the living room, but with the kids and pets, I’m not so sure that’s a great idea. :/

  5. I’m surprised to hear that you would not choose whites because of younger children. Why put off your enjoying these things and teaching your children to enjoy them as they’re young. I enjoyed our home with young children and taught them to do so at the same time. We had pearl white carpet in our living room, with no family room, with 3 and 5 year Olds. Always had lots of extended family doing gatherings and sleepovers all the time. Moved on to having light silver gray carpet with young grandchildren and extended young ones also. Have always had the furry kids as well. Furniture has been light colors, glass, chrome and mirrored. We have always enjoyed our home and guests have relaxed as well. So enjoy things now with the style and color palette you would like to have, don’t wait!!

    1. Hi Karen, absolutely — we should decorate our homes in a way that brings us joy, and that includes choosing the colors that bring us joy. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! -Tonya

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