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7 Enchanting Cottagecore Color Schemes for Your Home Interior

Welcome to a world of enchanting hues and cozy aesthetics! Today, we’re visiting a place where timeless beauty meets tranquility. In this blog post, we’ll explore six Cottagecore color schemes plus a captivating accent color palette.

To be honest, I’d never heard the term “Cottagecore” until a few months ago. But when I heard it, the Interior Designer and color expert in me was intrigued. So of course I had to do a little research!

And then I put together a handful of coordinating color palettes for my friends with a taste for intentional maximalism.

Here, you’ll find a palette of warm neutral colors and another consisting of soft pastels. There will be yet another with earthy hues, while the next is floral-inspired. Then there are the vintage tones and delicate whites.

And finally, we’ll talk about some playful jewel toned accent colors. Each carefully-curated palette will transform your home into a cozy retreat reminiscent of times past.

Sound like your style? Then this one’s for you! Get ready to discover the perfect colors for creating your Cottagecore haven.

cottage inspired kitchen with text that reads: cottagecore home interior color schemes

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What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is an aesthetic. It’s a lifestyle movement that romanticizes the charm and simplicity of rural life. It embraces a return to nature, nostalgic elements, and a slower pace of living.

Cottagecore is rooted in the idea of creating an idyllic and cozy sanctuary. It draws inspiration from rural cottages, rustic landscapes, and traditional craftsmanship. It celebrates the beauty of natural materials and emphasizes a connection with the outdoors.

Cottagecore characteristics include:

  • a warm color palette
  • floral patterns
  • vintage accents
  • a love for all things handmade

Finally, the Cottagecore lifestyle transports individuals to a dreamy world where time seems to stand still. It offers a sense of comfort, tranquility, and a longing for a simpler way of life.

Elements of Cottagecore

Incorporate the elements of Cottagecore into your home interior for a whimsical atmosphere. The key elements to consider:

  • Natural materials: wood, wicker, and rattan for furniture and decor.
  • Floral patterns and prints: on textiles, wallpaper, and upholstery.
  • Vintage and antique furniture pieces: with a weathered and timeworn aesthetic.
  • Handcrafted and DIY elements: crochet, embroidery, and pottery.
  • Delicate and romantic lighting fixtures: chandeliers or fairy lights.
  • Botanical accents: potted plants, fresh flowers, and herb gardens.
  • Cozy and inviting touches: plush cushions, soft blankets, and comfortable seating.

Together, these elements create a nostalgic Cottagecore ambiance. They evoke simplicity, warmth, and a deep connection to nature.

Warm and Cozy Neutrals

neutral color palette: steam, polar bear, and natural linen

Let’s explore the delightful charm of warm and cozy neutrals. Neutral tones evoke a feeling reminiscent of sun-kissed meadows and worn wooden floors.

A few paint colors that perfectly capture the essence of a warm and cozy neutral color scheme:

1. Steam by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

2. Polar Bear by Sherwin Williams (order a sample)

3. Natural Linen by Sherwin Williams (order a sample)

Soft Pastel Palette 

pastel cottagecore color scheme with windham cream, palladian blue, and georgia pink

The true allure of a soft pastel palette lies in its ability to infuse your home with whimsy and vintage charm. Soft pastel colors transport us to a bygone era.

A few soft pastel paint colors that evoke a wistful longing for simplicity: 

1. Windham Cream by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

2. Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

3. Georgia Pink by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

Earthy and Natural Hues

earthy color palette with natural linen, foxy, and evergreen fog

Natural, earthy hues reflect elements of the natural world. Their true magic lies in their ability to create an inviting, tranquil ambiance. 

A few colors that create a rustic Cottagecore ambiance:

1. Natural Linen by Sherwin Williams (order a sample)

2. Foxy by Sherwin Williams (order a sample)

3. Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams (order a sample)

Floral-Inspired Colors 

floral color scheme with georgia pink, crushed velvet, and windham cream

This color scheme draws inspiration from the captivating petals of flowers. It embraces both the soft and the bold tones found in nature’s floral tapestry. 

A few colors that bring a touch of elegance and femininity to any room:

1. Georgia Pink by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

2. Crushed Velvet by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

3. Windham Cream by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

Vintage and Muted Tones 

vintage cottagecore color scheme with georgia pink, evergreen fog, and polar bear

Vintage and muted tones transport us to a bygone era. They evoke a sense of nostalgia and a longing for the simplicity of the past. 

A few colors that add a touch of vintage sophistication:

1. Georgia Pink by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

2. Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams (order a sample)

3. Polar Bear by Sherwin Williams (order a sample)

Delicate Whites and Creams 

white and cream color palette including pure white, polar bear, and windham cream

And now for a delicate, creamy color palette. Delicate whites and creams hold a special place in the cottagecore aesthetic.

This is because they make the perfect base for a Cottagecore color scheme. Feel free to add in accent colors from the pastels or the jewel tone palettes! Mix it up by using various colors and intentionally-clashing patterns.

A few whites and creams that will infuse your walls with a sense of purity and simplicity:

1. Pure White by Sherwin Williams (order a sample)

2. Polar Bear by Sherwin Williams (order a sample)

3. Windham Cream by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

Playful Jewel Toned Accents

jewel tone accent colors including clearspring green, stonefruit, and caribbean blue water

Let’s dive into the enchanting world of playful accents! They can be a delightful addition to your more neutral Cottagecore color schemes. 

Some accent colors that could be the perfect complement to your chosen color palette:

1. Clearspring Green by Benjamin Moore (order a sample)

2. Stone Fruit by Sherwin Williams (order a sample)

3. Caribbean Blue Water by Sherwin Williams (order a sample)

Consider introducing jewel toned accents through patterned textiles, such as curtains, rugs, or throws. Embrace the spirit of whimsy and allow your imagination to run wild!

How to Choose the Perfect Cottagecore Paint Colors for Your Space

The best way to determine which of these colors will actually work in your space? Why, testing paint samples, of course!

In this post, I’ve provided direct links to each color on the Samplize website, where you can grab peel-and-stick samples made with the actual paint. This way, you’re getting an accurate representation of what any given paint color really looks like in your home.

Because, as you likely know by now, paint colors can change depending on lighting and surrounding materials.

Use code FIRSTFIVE for a discount on your first Samplize order!

Are you still unsure exactly how to decide which color is best for your space? Check out How to Choose Paint Colors With Confidence, and follow the step-by-step guide.

how to choose paint colors with confidence action guide

FAQ: Cottagecore Color Schemes for Your Home Interior

Are you in the same boat I was in a few months ago? Then you might have a few questions about incorporating Cottagecore into your space. Here are the answers to some common questions you might have.

How do I choose the right Cottagecore color scheme for my home?

The color scheme you choose depends on two things: your personal style and the ambiance of the space. Consider the mood you want to evoke. 

For example, warm neutrals offer a comforting atmosphere. And pastels bring in whimsy, while vintage tones add a touch of nostalgia. 

Can I mix and match different Cottagecore color schemes?

Absolutely! You can mix and match Cottagecore color schemes to create a personalized look. 

For example, you could combine warm and cozy neutrals with charming pastel accents. Or add pops of floral-inspired colors to a natural, earthy color scheme. The best part of the Cottagecore style is that you can intentionally “mismatch” colors and patterns to suit your taste!

Play around with different combinations until you find a balance that reflects your personal style.

How can I incorporate Cottagecore colors into my existing home decor?

Start by choosing a color scheme that complements your current furnishings and finishes. Introduce Cottagecore colors to your wall paint, furniture upholstery, or even the curtains. 

Select artwork and accessories that align with your color scheme. Incorporate natural elements as well: wood, rattan, and woven textures. 

Can I use Cottagecore color schemes in any room of my home?

Absolutely! Cottagecore color schemes can be applied to any room in your home. These color schemes can create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

Consider the size and natural lighting of each room when choosing colors. Lighter hues can make smaller spaces feel more open and airy, while darker shades add depth and coziness to larger areas.

How can I ensure a cohesive look when using different Cottagecore color schemes throughout my home?

You can definitely use different Cottagecore color schemes in your home. Simply maintain a common element throughout the space to ensure a cohesive look. This could be a common accent color, natural texture, or vintage-inspired accessories.

Also, keep the desired mood or ambiance in mind when selecting colors for different rooms.  Aim for a seamless flow between spaces while allowing each room to have its own unique character. 

Of course, Cottagecore is all about creating an “intentionally mismatched” look. So as long as you have some common elements, pretty much anything goes!

Can I incorporate Cottagecore colors in a modern or contemporary home?

Absolutely! Cottagecore colors add warmth, depth, and character to modern or contemporary homes. Consider placing these colors against a neutral backdrop

Or, perhaps, incorporate them into furniture pieces, artwork, and accessories. Blend Cottagcore elements with a modern aesthetic for an eclectic look.

Cottagecore Color Schemes

Here are a few more Cottagecore color schemes I put together, each using six of the colors mentioned in this post. Enjoy mixing and matching any colors you like!

six pastel inspired cottagecore color schemes and paint colors
six earth toned cottagecore paint color palettes
six jewel toned cottagecore paint color schemes or palettes

Final Thoughts

Do you feel drawn to this tranquil-yet-whimsical aesthetic? Which of these Cottagecore color schemes appeals to you? (I’m not sure I can choose!)

Thank you for joining me on this Cottagecore paint color journey. I hope these suggestions have inspired you to create a haven that brings you endless joy.

Happy painting!

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