20 Colour Combinations for Your Hall Walls (Living Room Walls)

Whether you call it a “hall” or a “living room”, you’re on the hunt for the perfect wall colours. And you’ve landed in the right place!

When creating the perfect ambiance in your living space, it all begins with the right colours. They truly set the tone for your living room! The colours you choose will influence its entire aesthetic.


I totally understand that it can be overwhelming to come up with the perfect palette on your own. Fortunately, I’ve already done all the work! In this article, I’m going to share some awesome colour combinations for hall walls.

You might have guessed that, as a Paint Colour Expert, I’m well-versed in selecting wall colours. Which is why I’m also going to walk you through the process of choosing the perfect palette for your space.

Ready? Let’s get started!

living area with chalkboard paint wall; text that reads: 20 living room wall paint color combinations

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Colour Combination for Hall Walls (Living Rooms)

Consider any of the following colour combinations for your hall or living room walls.

Earthy Brown Colour Scheme

living room with earthy brown wall colour combination

Create a cozy retreat with earthy browns that evoke a sense of grounding and comfort. These natural hues add warmth and depth to your living room. They’ll invite you to unwind and relax in a space that’s both rustic and sophisticated.

Tan & White Contrast in the Living Area

living room with tan and white color combination

Strike a balance between light and dark with the timeless contrast of tan and white. This combination brings an airy feel to your living area while maintaining an inviting warmth. The neutral tones create an effortlessly elegant atmosphere, making your space feel open and welcoming.

Warm Red & Gold Living Room Palette

living room with red and gold color scheme

Infuse your living room with opulence and vibrancy using a rich combination of warm red and gold. These hues ignite a sense of passion and luxury! They’ll turn your space into a haven of indulgence where every moment feels precious.

Cheery Red & Lavender Colour Combination for Hall Walls

great hall with red and lavender color palette

Energize your living room with the unexpected harmony of red and lavender. The playfulness of red and the tranquility of lavender create a space that’s invigorating and serene. It appeals to both extroverted and introverted personalities.

Gray With Red Accents

living room with red and gray wall colors

Elevate the sophistication of your living room with a grayscale backdrop. Then punctuate it with striking red accents! This combination exudes modern elegance and a touch of drama.

Warm White & Red in the Living Space

living area with red and off-white walls

Achieve a timeless charm with the contrast of warm white and red. The simplicity of warm white serves as the perfect canvas to showcase the vibrant energy of red. They’ll create a space that’s both classic and spirited.

White With Blackboard Accents

living space with white and charcoal walls and multi-colored pattern

Foster creativity and functionality by pairing a crisp white backdrop with blackboard accents. This dynamic combination allows you to express yourself through doodles and notes! They’ll transform your living room into an interactive and visually captivating environment.

Creamy White & Yellow-Green

green and off-white colour combination for hall walls

Embrace nature with a blend of creamy white and invigorating yellow-green. This combination breathes life into your living room! It’ll create a tranquil oasis where relaxation and rejuvenation go hand in hand.

Charcoal With White Brick Accent Wall

living room with charcoal accent wall and painted white brick

Make a statement with a deep charcoal wall paired with the textural allure of a white brick accent wall. The striking contrast between dark and light adds depth and character to your space.

Bright Orange & Gold

orange and gold hall colour combination

Ignite your living room with bright orange paired with the lavish elegance of gold. This combination exudes a sense of playfulness and grandeur.

Tints & Shades of Orange

great hall with shades of orange on the walls

Explore the multifaceted personality of orange by incorporating various shades. From soft peach to deep terracotta, a spectrum of oranges creates a dynamic living room!

Cool Jewel Tones

living space with jewel toned walls

Dive into opulence with cool jewel tones that grace your living room with their regal allure. The marriage of emerald and aquamarine evokes a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Mauve Monochrome Living Room Colour Scheme

great hall with mauve and burgundy color scheme

Embrace subtlety and sophistication with a monochromatic palette of mauve and burgundy. This understated yet rich combination envelops your living room in a soothing embrace. You’ll create an ambiance that’s gentle and refined.

Deep Teal & Pastel Pink Contrast

living room with deep teal and soft pink colour scheme

Find balance between depth and delicacy with the contrast of deep teal and pastel pink. This pairing fosters a harmonious blend of strength and softness. It’ll allow your living room to emanate both confidence and charm.

Fresh White With Charcoal Ceiling

living area with white walls and charcoal ceiling

Open up your living room with fresh white walls and a captivating charcoal ceiling. This inversion of light and dark adds a touch of drama! It also maintains an airy, spacious feel, making your space a canvas for versatile design.

Warm & Fresh Neutrals

neutral hall with off-white walls and white ceiling

Combine warm white and bright white to craft a living room that exudes comfort and modernity. These neutral tones create a welcoming environment that adapts to various decor styles.

Earthy Green & Reddish Clay

living area with green and red colour combination

Bring the outdoors in by pairing earthy green with reddish clay tones. This natural combination creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of autumn landscapes. It also offers a serene escape from the everyday.

Cool Toned Teal Colour Palette

hall with teal and gray wall colors

Infuse your living room with the tranquility of a muted teal combined with a soft gray and white walls. This soothing hue evokes a sense of calm and relaxation. It’ll transform your space into a sanctuary where you can unwind and rejuvenate.

Gray, Gold & Teal Colour Combination for Hall Walls

living space with blue, gray, and gold wall colours

Elevate your living room’s elegance with the interplay of gray, gold, and teal. The combination of these sophisticated hues adds depth and intrigue! It invites you to admire the luxurious harmony they create.

Warm Red & Tan Tones

red and tan colour combination for hall walls

Create a cozy retreat with the embrace of warm red and inviting tan tones. This combination radiates comfort and familiarity. It makes your living room a place to share cherished memories.

How to Choose a Living Room Colour Scheme

Choosing the perfect colour scheme for your hall or living room can have a huge impact on the room’s ambiance. Follow these steps to navigate through the plethora of options and choose the perfect colour palette for your space.

Understand Your Style and Mood

Begin by considering the style you want for your living room. Are you drawn to modern minimalism, cozy rustic vibes, or perhaps a mix of eclectic elements?

Also, think about the mood you want to evoke.

Serene and calm? Energetic and vibrant? Or something else entirely?

Your chosen colour scheme should align with both your style and your desired ambiance.

Gather Inspiration

Browse interior design magazines, websites, and social media platforms for inspiration. Collect images that appeal to you. Pay attention to the colour combinations that resonate with your vision.

This step will help you narrow down your preferences. Then you’ll be able to identify patterns in the colors you’re naturally drawn to.

Consider Lighting and Space

Take a look at the natural and artificial lighting in your living room. Different lighting conditions can significantly alter the way colors appear.

A dark room might benefit from lighter hues to create a sense of airiness. On the other hand, a well-lit space can handle deeper tones.

Also, take note of the size of your living room. Lighter colors can make a room feel larger. Darker colors can add coziness to more expansive spaces.

Choose a Dominant Colour

Select a dominant color that will serve as the foundation of your color scheme. This color will likely cover the majority of your walls and larger furnishings.

Consider your preferences and the mood you want to achieve. Neutral tones like beige, gray, or white offer versatility. Bolder options like deep blue or warm terracotta can set a distinct tone.

Pick Complementary Colours

Next, choose a few complementary colors to create depth and contrast. Use the color wheel to guide your choices. Colors opposite each other often work well together.

For example: If your dominant color is a cool blue, warm shades like mustard yellow or rust can add visual interest.

Test Samples

Before committing to a colour scheme, it’s essential to test paint samples. Paint a small section of your wall with your chosen colours. Then, observe how they look under different lighting conditions throughout the day.

Another option: Buy peel-and-stick samples of the paint colours you want to test. They’re inexpensive, and you can easily move them around the room. Plus, it’ll save you the hassle of painting and cleaning your painting tools.

Use code FIRSTFIVE for a discount on your first Samplize order!

Balance Boldness and Neutrality

Balance is key in any colour scheme. If you’ve chosen a vibrant colour, consider using neutral tones for secondary elements. However, if your dominant colour is neutral, you might incorporate bolder accents.

Trust Your Instincts

Ultimately, your living space should reflect your personal taste and preferences. Trust your instincts!

After all, your hall or living room is a space where you’ll spend significant time. Make sure it resonates with your sense of comfort and style.

Final Thoughts

The comforting embrace of earthy browns… The invigorating dance of reds and lavenders… A canvas of whites and neutrals inviting you to bring in layers of playful accents…

Your living room palette narrates your style and spirit!

That said, which of these colour combination for hall walls calls to you? Which will you choose for your living space?

Happy painting!

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