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Sherwin Williams Pure White Paint Color Review

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Looking for a clean, pure white paint color for your interior walls or trim? Then you landed in the right place!

Let me start out by saying that Sherwin Williams Pure White (SW 7005) is absolutely one of my favorite white paint colors – in fact, I’ve chosen it as the trim color in my current home.

If you’re considering this wildly popular white for your home, too, then let me share everything I know about this soft, versatile hue!

We’ll cover everything from its undertones to LRV and everything in between. 

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Sherwin Williams Pure White LRV

Pure White has a LRV of 84, making it a soft white paint color. It’s not too yellow, but not a stark white either. If you haven’t heard of LRV, it stands for Light Reflectance Value, and it measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects.

LRV runs on a scale from 0% – 100%, 50% being the mid-value paint color. The higher the LRV is, the more light that color will reflect back into the room.

Keep in mind that LRV is simply a guideline. While it can help you predict how light or dark any given color will make the room feel, it’s definitely not a set standard.

Pro Designer Tip: Most companies print the LRV on the back of their paint chips, in case you ever want to know the LRV of any particular color.

Pure White Undertones

Sherwin Williams Pure White has just a touch of yellow and some gray in it. It has just the slightest touch of each color, though, that it’s hardly noticeable. 

Is Pure White A Warm or Cool Color?

Because it does have yellow in its undertones, I’d consider Pure White a soft, warm white. 

That said, it’s a chameleon in that it can easily pick up on the surrounding colors and reflect them off your walls. Your lighting will heavily influence Pure White, as well – South-facing light will bring out its yellow undertone, while Northern light will make it look cooler and crisper.

Is Sherwin Williams Pure White Too White?

With its high LRV of 84, Pure White is definitely a bright white, but the drop of black softens it, keeping it from getting too stark white. 

Obviously, if you prefer a warmer, creamier white, then you might feel that it’s too white for your taste. But while it can look crisp in certain lights, it’s certainly not a harsh, sterile-hospital-white.

Does Sherwin Williams Pure White Look Yellow?

This white paint color has yellow in its undertone, which is more noticeable in warmer lighting, but not enough to be considerably yellow. 

Is Sherwin Williams Pure White Good For Walls?

Yes, Pure White is a great choice for walls! It works well if you also use Pure White as the trim color (in a slightly shinier finish), although if you want a brighter trim, you could go with High Reflective White.

Is Sherwin Williams Pure White A Good Trim Color?

Yes, Pure White is a great choice for trim and is, in fact, my #1 most recommended Sherwin Williams white for trim. It plays so nicely with darn near any wall color! 

In fact, I’ve already painted the trim and board and batten in my entryway Pure White, and will be using it throughout the rest of the house, as well.

In my photo below, you’ll see Pure White paired with Sherwin Williams In the Navy.

my entryway with pure white on the board and batten and in the navy on the walls, both from sherwin williams

Is Pure White A Good Color For Kitchen Cabinets?

Absolutely! If you like a clean, pure white cabinet, then Pure White could be a great kitchen cabinet color. 

How Can I Get a Sample?

The best way to try out Sherwin Williams paint colors is to order a 12”x12” peel-and-stick sample from Samplize.

Use code FIRSTFIVE for a discount on your first Samplize order!

A few things I love about these true color samples:

  1. You can easily move them around from room to room.
  2. They cost MUCH less than traditional sample pots, brushes/rollers, and foam boards.
  3. They are more environmentally friendly.

Plus, they’re typically delivered in just 1-3 business days, so you don’t have to add one more errand to your list (and then go back again and again when you don’t like how they look in your space). 

Order a sample of Pure White here.

Sherwin Williams Pure White Vs Extra White

Compared to Sherwin Williams Extra White, Pure White is definitely not a “true white” in that it’s much softer, where Extra White is a cool and crisp, almost stark, white. You’ll see a tinge of blue in the undertones of Extra White, particularly in cooler lighting.

Order a sample of Extra White for comparison.

Sherwin Williams Pure White Vs Alabaster

Alabaster is certainly a creamier, almost off-white, paint color, where Pure White has so little yellow in it that I wouldn’t call it a creamy white at all. If you prefer a creamier white, then Alabaster could be a great choice.

Order a sample of Alabaster for comparison.

Sherwin Williams Pure White Vs Snowbound

Snowbound is another popular Sherwin Williams white. It’s similar to Pure White, although it does have a tinge of pink in its undertones, where Pure White has just a touch of yellow. Because of its pinky undertone, Snowbound can be a tad tricky to pair with other colors.

Order a sample of Snowbound for comparison.

Sherwin Williams Pure White Vs Benjamin Moore Simply White

Compared to Pure White, Benjamin Moore Simply White is a brighter, creamier white paint color. You’ll see more yellow in its undertones, particularly in warmer lighting.

Order a sample of Simply White for comparison.

Sherwin Williams Pure White Exterior

So, we’ve already established that Pure White is the perfect interior white paint color for most homes. But does it work on the exterior, as well?

Sure! If you’re looking for a nice, neutral white to paint the outside of your house, it works well as an exterior siding color. However, if you prefer a creamier white on your exterior, you might want to consider something like Alabaster.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve covered everything I know about SW 7005 Pure White by Sherwin Williams, how are you feeling about choosing it for your own home? Is it the right white for you, or are you leaning in another direction now that you know more about it?

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