stone fruit by sherwin williams

Color Spotlight: Stone Fruit by Sherwin Williams

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Sherwin Williams’ Stone Fruit SW 9699 is a jewel tone orange that reminds me of a color you’d see on a tropical island.

I realize that orange is NOT a hugely popular wall color (unless you own a fast food restaurant!) but I wanted to include a wide range of colors in my Spotlight series, and this soft, muted orange from the Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Edition really stood out to me.

It could work in a dining room or anywhere you want to bring in a fun splash of color.

Coordinating colors include:

  • Corallite
  • Full Bloom
  • Roycroft Copper Red

It has a LRV of 47, which is almost smack-dab in the middle of the light-reflecting spectrum.

How Can I Get a Sample?

The best way to try out Sherwin Williams paint colors is to order a 12”x12” peel-and-stick sample from Samplize.

A few things I love about these true color samples:

  1. You can easily move them around from room to room.
  2. They cost MUCH less than traditional sample pots, brushes/rollers, and foam boards.
  3. They are more environmentally friendly.

Plus, they’re typically delivered in just 1-3 business days, so you don’t have to add one more errand to your list (and then go back again and again when you don’t like how they look in your space). 

What is a Color Spotlight?

Every day this month, I’m highlighting a different paint color for my readers — mainly colors I haven’t really talked about before on the blog — as a fun little project.

They’re super quick blurbs that you can read in less than five minutes (NOT long, drawn out color reviews).

This will not only expose you to a variety of fun hues you might not have considered, but it’ll also give me fresh ideas for future blog posts.

You can view the entire Color Spotlight collection here.

Happy decorating!


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