textured feature wall with natural wood boards - just one awesome idea for decorating the wall behind your headboard

13 Stylish Ideas for Decorating the Wall Behind Your Headboard

If your bedroom walls are bare, then this one’s for you! Today, we’re discussing ideas for decorating the wall behind your headboard.

As the “focal point” of the bedroom, the eye is naturally drawn toward this wall. Which means it’s the perfect place to make a bold statement.

Admittedly, the wall behind your bed can be one of the hardest walls to decorate. Often, it’s a little, uh, awkward — especially if you have a taller headboard. So, what on earth are you supposed to hang there?

Worry not, my friend, and scroll on for some stylish ideas to decorate the wall behind your headboard.

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1. Add a Textured Feature Wall

textured feature wall with natural wood boards

Oftentimes, people paint this feature wall in a darker or bolder accent color. But paint isn’t your only option!

Consider adding texture to the wall behind your headboard in the form of wood panels, shiplap, or even (gasp!) wallpaper.

I promise, you don’t have to decide between an ugly mural and an old fashioned floral print wallpaper — there are actually a lot of stylish patterns available. And if you don’t care for patterns, look for a textured wallpaper instead.

Decorator’s Best and Burke Decor both have a lot of wallpaper options to choose from, whether you’re looking for a beautiful pattern or want to stick with the more simple, textured look.

2. Hang an Oversized Mirror

A mirror doesn’t just have to be a decorative statement piece — you can also use it to reflect light in a small bedroom, making it feel larger. But what kind of mirror should you look for?

You could go really big and hang a mirror in place of a headboard. You could look for a mirror that has an interesting shape, like a starburst mirror, or even something simple like a circle. Or, perhaps a mirror with a large, ornate frame would better suit your room.

It all comes down to your personal taste and style.

3. Create a Gallery Wall Above the Headboard

gallery display above a bed

You’ve seen them in decorating magazines and on Pinterest, but have you ever actually designed a gallery wall? You can put a grouping of similar photos anywhere you want — so why not above the bed? 

Create symmetry with matching frames, or mix and match your wall hangings to create an asymmetrical look.

This article will give you some more ideas for hanging wall art like a pro.

4. Install Shelves Over the Bed

headboard wall with built in shelves

This one could go a number of different ways. One option is to mount a single shelf over the headboard, where you’ll display a few of your favorite things.

Another idea is to hang up a set of floating cube shelves like these, which are a little more decorative and not just a standard board. Or you could install built in shelving, similar to that in the photo.

Whatever you choose is totally fine! It completely depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. A few things to keep in mind, though:

  • Hang shelves high enough that you won’t hit your head when you sit up.
  • Make sure they are secured really well!
  • Only place lighter items on the shelves, and secure them if possible.

5. Display Plants Above the Bed

If you love plants, then this one is a no-brainer! I would be careful about putting them on a shelf above the bed, for obvious reasons, but there is another option.

You could get some small geometric wall planters like these and put succulents or smaller plants in them. Or even some macrame wall plant hangers. There are lots of different planter options.

You’ll need to make sure that your bedroom has an adequate amount of sunlight for whichever plants you choose — unless you decorate with faux plants, of course!

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6. Upcycle an Old Map for Your Headboard Wall

colorful world map

Do you have an old map lying around? Or perhaps something that seems totally useless — but would potentially make a neat conversation piece?

Frame your map, or whatever it is that you dug out of the attic, and hang it on the wall above your bed. Ta-da! Now you have a 100% unique piece of artwork to show off. 

(Or you could just keep it simple and grab a large canvas wall art map like this one.)

7. Frame a Wallpaper Sample

If you don’t have any old maps around the house, there are other ways to achieve a totally unique work of art. 

Do you have any extra scraps of wallpaper? No? Hit up the local shops and see if you can get a sample of the most beautiful wallpaper you can find, frame it, and hang it on the wall behind your bed. 

Prefer to shop online? No problem! Check out Decorator’s Best and Burke Decor for some super stylish wallpaper choices.

8. Show Off a Wall Sculpture

Add a little bit of dimension to your feature wall with a fun sculpture. Here are a few fun pieces that are available on Amazon.com:

Gold geometric abstract metal wall art 

Set of 3 Nortic climbing man wall sculptures

Organic Tree of Life wall hanging

Live Love Laugh metal word wall sculpture

Bird on a Wire metal wall art

9. Paint Abstract Shapes (or a Mural)

cityscape mural on the headboard wall

Rather than painting your accent wall a boring ol’ solid color, why not give it a little more flair? Paint abstract or geometric shapes — or whatever your heart desires — on the wall behind your bed.

Or, if you’re really feeling artistic, try painting a mural on this wall! The cityscape (pictured above) looks like it would be pretty simple to create. Also, mountains are a popular subject choice, and they are pretty simple to paint.

Whether you decide to create circles, a large stripe, or a mural on this wall, you’re sure to make a bold statement!

10. Display Custom Watercolor Art

Show off the light of your life — whether that’s your children, spouse, or pets — by commissioning a custom work of art to hang above the bed.

When decorating the wall behind your headboard, what could be more special than an oversized watercolor painting of those who are most important to you?

11. Incorporate Woven Art Above the Bed

bedroom with a tapestry hanging above the bed

Macrame has made a resurgence in interior decor, and a large tasseled macrame tapestry could make the perfect addition to the wall above your bed.  

There are plenty of options available on Amazon, of course — but if you want something truly unique, check out these gorgeous wall hangings at Burke Decor. 

Other options include bohemian mandala tapestries or any woven blankets that you have around the house. If you have an interesting blanket that works with the rest of your bedroom decor, it could make a great focal point!

12. Soften It Up With a Scarf or Garland

Looking for something really simple, yet elegant, that will help to soften up a wooden headboard? Consider a sheer window scarf or a eucalyptus garland like this one.

You might need to mount a curtain rod on the wall above the headboard — I’ve even used wall and ceiling hooks in the past. The method you choose completely depends on the look you’re hoping to achieve. 

Then you can drape your scarf or garland over them however you like!

13. Keep it Natural With Seagrass

Natural materials, like seagrass, hemp, and jute, will bring the outdoors into your bedroom in a fun and interesting way.

You could get a handmade seagrass wall hanging like this one, opt for woven baskets, or even purchase a set of woven hemp rope sculptures like these

(By the way, this type of wall decor would look particularly great in a coastal style bedroom!)

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Decorating the Wall Behind Your Headboard

When decorating the wall behind your headboard, consider the style of your space (or the style you hope to emulate) when deciding on an accent piece or a grouping of pieces.

And ask yourself what you hope to achieve. (Do you want to add height to the bedroom? Brighten it up? Bring the outdoors in?)

Of course, you’ll want to think about size and scale, as well — in other words, the proportion of the decorations in relation to the amount of wall space. 

Most of all, make the wall behind your bed into something YOU love rather than trying to replicate a look that doesn’t fit your personality at all. 

Now that you have a few headboard wall decorating ideas in mind, which will you choose?

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