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Top 4 Benjamin Moore NEUTRAL Gray Paint Colors

Do you like the idea of having gray walls in your home, but prefer not to see overly warm or cool undertones? Then you’ll appreciate the list of Benjamin Moore neutral gray paint colors I’m sharing in today’s post.

At least, they’re as neutral as you can get with a gray!

But first, there’s something you should know: There isn’t a perfectly neutral gray with absolutely NO undertone. Gray is a cool color. Which means that it’s, by definition, never going to be completely neutral.

Also, every gray will have at least a touch of color hidden within, whether that’s blue or green or pink. It may even have multiple undertones. 

But you’re here for the most neutral gray paint colors available in Benjamin Moore’s collection, so let’s get started.

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Benjamin Moore Neutral Gray Paint Colors

Nominees for the best Benjamin Moore neutral grays include:

  1. Cliffside Gray (order a sample)
  2. Kendall Charcoal (order a sample)
  3. Gray Owl (order a sample)
  4. Chelsea Gray (order a sample)

Next to each of these gray paint colors, you’ll notice that I’ve included links to Samplize, where you can order a sample made with two coats of real paint, so that you can check it out in your home’s lighting (rather than relying on your device’s screen and being sadly disappointed).

Use code FIRSTFIVE for a discount on your first Samplize order!

These peel-and-stick samples are awesome because:

  • They’re made with real paint and are color correct.
  • They’re cost effective and environmentally friendly.
  • They arrive at your doorstep in just 1-3 days.

Now we’ll go over each of these paint colors in a little more detail. 

Quick Note: LRV = Light Reflectance Value (measures the percentage of light a paint reflects; a higher LRV means it reflects a lot of light)

Cliffside Gray PM-5 / HC-180

cliffside gray, a mid-tone neutral gray

LRV: 60.56

Benjamin Moore’s Cliffside Gray is a “breezy wash of gray that conjures pale driftwood”. It’s a medium-light gray with a blue-green undertone.

Order a sample of Cliffside Gray here.

Kendall Charcoal HC-166

benjamin moore kendall charcoal

LRV: 14.61

A dark neutral gray, Kendall Charcoal has varied undertones, which makes it a rather versatile (and gorgeous!) color indeed. The slight touch of green in its undertone gives it a lot of depth.

Order a sample of Kendall Charcoal here.

Gray Owl OC-52 / 2137-60

gray owl, a neutral gray paint color

LRV: 64.51

According to Benjamin Moore, Gray Owl is a “use-anywhere light gray with a cool, crisp cast.” It’s one of the more popular light grays and, while it can appear warm in some instances, Gray Owl definitely favors cool (blue-green) undertones.

Order a sample of Gray Owl here.

Chelsea Gray HC-168

chelsea gray by benjamin moore

LRV: 23.33

Another darker paint color, Chelsea Gray has rich brownish-violet undertones. Another super-popular neutral gray, Chelsea Gray is also super versatile (which would explain its popularity!).

Order a sample of Chelsea Gray here.

What is the Most Neutral Gray by Benjamin Moore?

While there is no gray that is completely neutral, the most “true” gray paint colors by Benjamin Moore include:

  • Gray Owl
  • Cliffside Gray
  • Chelsea Gray
  • Kendall Charcoal

As we previously discussed, gray is always a cool color – BUT you can always find a gray shade that is “less cool” and even slightly more on the warm side. 

How Do You Choose a Neutral Gray Paint Color?

Now that we’ve gone over some great, versatile gray options for your interior walls, you might be wondering, “How do I narrow it down to just one?!”.

  1. Sample, sample, sample.
  2. Complement your home’s existing colors.
  3. Consider your lighting.

Grab a peel-and-stick sample of each gray you’re considering (you’ll find direct links to each color above). Honestly, this method is more cost effective than buying all of the paint – and painting materials – not to mention the drive to the store.

Gather up your samples, take them from room to room, and observe each color in the different types of lighting throughout the day. Notice how your lighting changes the paint colors as the sun moves from East to West.

Look at them from different angles, placing them next to each of the room’s permanent materials — anything you plan on keeping. Hang the samples on each of the walls you plan on painting, as well.

Factors That Affect Your Gray Paint Color

While it may seem that gray is just that – simply gray – as you have seen in this article, even the most neutral grays can vary quite a bit. There are light grays and dark grays; “warm” grays and cool grays; green grays and violet grays.

Not to mention the fact that one gray paint color can look significantly different in different spaces – and even at different times of day – depending on a number of different factors:

  • Its surrounding colors
  • The exposure of the room
  • The quality of your lighting
  • Personal bias toward various undertones
  • …and even color blindness!

These are just a few things to keep in mind when choosing a paint color. Which is why I always, always suggest testing them out before committing (unless you don’t mind a little extra work, of course!).

White Trim Color Ideas 

Now that we have our list of the most neutral Benjamin Moore neutral gray paint colors, you might be wondering which is the best white paint color for your trim.

Consider these three Benjamin Moore whites for your millwork:

  • Decorator’s White 
  • Simply White 
  • Super White 

Once you have decided on your gray paint color, be sure to test it out next to each of these three whites to see which one works best. Whites can be a little tricky, so you’ll definitely want to see them in person before committing!

Pro Designer Tip: Once you’ve decided on a white trim color, I’d still recommend painting just a small area, letting it dry, and then looking at it throughout the day before painting all of your trim. 

There are a couple reasons for doing this. First of all, sheen (the shininess of the paint finish) can have an impact on how the color looks. And secondly, the trim’s profile and smooth texture can change how it looks versus a peel-and-stick sample.

Benjamin Moore Neutral Gray

And there we have it! Four of the most “true” or neutral Benjamin Moore gray paint colors. We covered a light gray, one that’s more in the light-medium range, and a couple darker options. Which is your favorite?

If you didn’t quite find what you were looking for here, no worries – check out some of my other articles on gray paint colors for more ideas!

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