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The Best Place to Hang a Wall Clock in Your Living Room (Designer Tips & Tricks)

Clocks are not only practical, but they can make a stylish statement in any room of your house, particularly in the main living spaces. But where, exactly, is the best place to hang a wall clock in the living room? 

That’s what we’re discussing today, along with a few other clock hanging tips, such as how high to hang your clock on the wall, whether you can hang it above the couch, and where you should not put your clock.

Ready? Then let’s jump right in!

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Where is the Best Place to Put a Wall Clock in the Living Room?

Here’s the thing: There’s no one-size-fits-all place to hang a wall clock in the living room (or in any other room, for that matter). Which is lucky, because we all have different homes and different decorating goals!

When I’m hanging a clock in my own home, my main objective is to put it on a wall that is visible from as many different locations in the main living area as possible. 

We have an open floor plan in our current home, so the living room, dining area, and kitchen all join up to create one bigger space. (Although, it’s actually a rather small space!) 

So, I plan on hanging a larger, decorative clock on the wall where both spaces meet up, so we can check the time no matter where we are in the house.

With that said, here are a few places where you can place a wall clock around your living area.

Over a Window or Doorway

This can be a little tricky in some homes, but if you have a window or doorway in a location where it makes sense to put a clock then, by all means, do so! 

Keep scale and proportion in mind, too, of course. The clock’s diameter should be smaller than the width of the opening of your door or window.

Above the Mantel

living room with christmas decorations and wall clock above the mantel

Because a fireplace is often the focal point of a room, hanging your wall clock above the fireplace mantel is a natural choice. You could either let it make a statement on its own or place a few items of varying heights on the mantel to complement your clock.

Above the Sofa

If you have a really big clock, you might want to hang it up over the sofa to help fill a blank wall. Keep scale in mind, though; its diameter should be approximately two-thirds the width of the sofa. If it’s a smaller clock, you can always pair it with something else to help fill the space a little more.

And be sure it’s properly secured – you don’t want it to fall on someone’s head!

Over a Table or Shelf

living room with clock resting on a white shelf

As I previously mentioned, my plan for the current home (when I get around to it!) is to buy a console table or some type of furniture for the wall between my living room and kitchen; then I’ll hang a clock above it. 

Got a small shelf on your wall? Try hanging a small wall clock above it — or propping it directly on the shelf.

On a Gallery Wall

A large wall clock would add a bold statement when placed in the center of your gallery wall! But if you have a smaller clock? You can still use it on your gallery wall to add dimension and bring it to life.

How High to Hang a Wall Clock 

Now that you have a wall in mind, you might be wondering how high to hang your wall clock. Fear not! Here’s what you need to know:

  1. If you aren’t hanging it above anything, then start out by centering it at eye level, and then you may want to move it up or down from there.
  2. If you’re hanging it above a door or window, leave at least a couple inches between the bottom of the clock and the top of the window/door.
  3. When hanging a clock above furniture, leave at least four to six inches of empty wall space between the items to avoid a cluttered look.

Typically, I advise against hanging anything too high on the walls, but a wall clock might need to be slightly higher than a painting so that it can be seen from various angles.

Pro Designer Tip: Trace your clock’s outline onto a large piece of paper, like kraft paper, and cut it out. Mark where the nail hole is. Move the cutout around until you find the perfect place, then nail it to the wall right through the paper; tear it off and – voila! – you’re ready to hang up your clock. 

Where Should You NOT Put a Wall Clock in Your Living Room?

The only place you should not put a wall clock, from both an aesthetic and a functional standpoint, is a place where it’s obstructed from your line of vision. 

Don’t put it next to a bulky piece of furniture that will block your view of the clock when you’re sitting in the living room, for example. And you could get a bit of glare if it’s across from a window, so keep that in mind if you have a glass clock.

My best piece of advice: Just try it out! If it doesn’t work, a clock is easy enough to move to another location.

Can I Hang a Clock Above the Couch?

Yes, you can absolutely hang a clock above the couch! As I mentioned earlier, it’s a great way to fill up an otherwise-blank wall if you don’t know what else to put there. 

Of course, when we consider size and scale, it will likely have to be a larger clock to look proportionate above a couch, so keep that in mind. And, again, make sure it’s completely secured so that it doesn’t fall at an unfortunate time.

Best Wall Clocks for the Living Room

Are you still on the hunt for a stylish wall clock for your living room? Here are some of my favorite analog clock options. 

Metal Frame Wall Clock

This is a sleek, modern clock that consists of a simple metal frame with a walnut accent. 

Metal Sunburst Clock

This is a fun metal clock that would look great with Mid-Century Modern decor.

Moving Gears Vintage Clock

This one is really cool! It’s an industrial gear clock that you’ll definitely want in your rustic farmhouse.

Weathered Vintage Wall Clock

This weathered, antique-look blue clock is the perfect addition in a Coastal style home.

Gray Shiplap Clock

Decorating in the modern farmhouse style? This chic shiplap clock could fit in perfectly with your decor!

Frameless Wall Clock

If you want to put a clock above your sofa, check out this frameless clock! It’s much more affordable than most oversize clocks, and it’ll look sleek and stylish in your living room.

Modern Pendulum Clock

If you love the idea of a pendulum clock in your living room, but you learn toward modern decor, this one’s for you. It’s a sleek, raindrop-shaped pendulum wall clock!

Best Place to Hang a Wall Clock in the Living Room

Like I said, there’s no ONE best place to hang a wall clock in the living room – or in any room, really. But in today’s blog post, I shared a few common placement choices that make a lot of sense for a clock, along with the best practices for deciding how high to hang it.

Happy decorating!

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