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13 of the Best Curtain Colors For Your White Walls

Wondering what color curtains go with white walls? Fortunately, you can pair virtually any color with white – which, unfortunately, can make choosing a curtain color even more difficult. 

And, frankly, the window treatments you choose can make or break your space. (Feeling the pressure yet?!) Not only do they provide a sense of privacy, but the right curtains can help to define your home’s style. 

Don’t worry, though – when you’re done here, you’ll have a better idea where to begin.

In today’s post, we’re going over a list of the best curtain colors for your white walls, then I’ll give you a few pointers on choosing the right one. So let’s begin!

bedroom with white and gray window coverings; text that reads: 13 of the best curtain colors for white walls

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1. Pure White

bedroom with white walls and sheer white curtains

White curtains on white walls? Why not! Solid white curtains blend seamlessly with white walls. 

If you love a crisp, clean look, then white curtains are totally okay. 

Sheer white curtains are also a great choice if you want to soften up the windows and don’t need extra privacy. Although, one of my favorite ways to use sheers is to pair them with another type of window treatment for a layered look.

2. Off-White

When I’m trying to bring depth into a space, I often like to use subtle color changes, rather than bold contrasting colors. (Although, I’ve been going for lots of contrast in my current home!) 

So if you’re going for a neutral color scheme, try an off-white or ivory curtain with your white walls. 

Be sure to keep undertones in mind, though. Whites can have a number of different undertones, from blue to green, pink, or even yellow. 

So when you’re choosing an off-white curtain, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the undertones in your white paint.

3. Peachy Pink

Yes, I hear you – pink is just so…girly. But hear me out! It’s not just for little girls’ bedrooms.

I’m envisioning a peachy pink curtain against walls painted in a soft white paint color for an ultra-chic vibe. Or, perhaps, a beachy atmosphere, if you live near the ocean. 

While pink certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it could be the perfect curtain color in the right space. 

4. Light Beige

office with white walls and beige curtains

Again, if you’re really hoping to keep your color scheme neutral – or draw the eye elsewhere in a room – light neutrals like beige are a great choice when considering the best curtain colors for white walls.

Beige is a neutral curtain color that will really warm up your space without drawing too much attention to the windows. As with off-whites, light neutral colors like beige add dimension to a wall without drawing too much of your attention to it. 

Of course, you’ll want to be careful how much of this warm neutral you bring into your space. After all, if you go overboard, you’ll end up with a look that’s a little too…beige.

5. Sunny Yellow

Yellow is bright and cheerful, and yellow curtains will bring joy and warmth to your space. And while in-your-face-yellow might seem a bit much for your taste, don’t worry! It’s not your only option.

A pale, creamy yellow lends an air of softness against white walls, and it won’t hurt your eyes in the least. On the other hand, gold or mustard yellow curtains could look a little more sophisticated, especially in the main living areas of your home. 

6. Sage Green

A muted sage green curtain would look serene against your white walls. Green is the color of relaxation and tranquility, so if your space could use calming vibes, consider this earthy hue. 

If a softer green isn’t really your thing, you could always try a deep emerald or even a lime green – anything goes when you have white walls. Within reason, of course.

7. Sophisticated Gray  

Light gray curtains are subtle, yet chic, against a white wall. If you’re drawn toward cooler color schemes, then gray might be preferable over beige. 

Like any other neutral, gray is pretty versatile – it works with a wide range of color schemes. Although, I’d caution you to be careful when pairing cool gray curtains with white walls that have overly warm, creamy undertones.

8. Deep Charcoal

bedroom with dark gray and sheer white curtains

Darker gray and charcoal curtains provide a moodier vibe. If you want something dark and neutral without getting that whole black-and-white vibe, then charcoal could be your thing.

9. Just Red

I don’t talk enough about red on this blog, which is why I feel compelled to add it to my list of the best curtain colors for white walls. Red comes in so many varieties, from salmon to burgundy, and from fire engine red to coral. 

You can choose any tint or shade, and you’ll fare just fine. But I’m adding red to my list – just red. If you really need a nudge to just go for it, consider yourself nudged.

10. Navy Blue

bedroom with dark navy blue curtains

Navy is a deep, sophisticated blue color that will really pop against your white walls. It’s often considered a neutral (almost as an alternative to black) because it really works nicely with nearly any color scheme.

The opposite of a light-and-airy feel, navy curtains will lend to an ambiance of moodiness in your space – in fact, it’s my go-to color in my current residence because it’s just that easy to work with.

11. Bold Teal

I’ve really been loving teal lately, for some reason. Teal doors, teal accent walls, teal flower pots. I can totally envision a bold teal curtain in an ultra-modern space with complementary abstract artwork.

Wondering what color teal actually is? It’s simply a blue color with a slightly greenish edge. It can range anywhere from light and bright to super deep and bold on the color spectrum.

12. True Black

Black curtains against white walls? It’s the ultimate contrasting pair, so it stands to reason that black would make the list.

Some people say you should have a little bit of black in every space. If you’re one of those people, then perhaps black curtains would make a lot of sense. Just be sure to add in a little more black elsewhere in your space for visual balance.

13. Dusty Lavender

I didn’t really want to add purple to my list, but then a sophisticated, dusty lavender color popped into my mind. While purple and lilac are nice for a little girl’s bedroom, they can be a little more difficult to pull off in the rest of the house. 

If you really like purple but can’t envision it in your main living space, see if you can find something more muted like dusty lavender. Who knows, it could be just the color you’re looking for.

How Do I Choose a Curtain Color?

First of all, take a deep breath – choosing a curtain color doesn’t have to be stressful. If you have absolutely no idea where to begin, head over to Pinterest and start sifting through inspirational photos. Be sure to save all of the pins that have curtains you love.

If you’re starting with a blank slate and want to use your curtains and your inspiration piece, then start shopping for a color or pattern that you absolutely love and cannot live without. You can pull the color palette from your curtains and design your entire room around them.

If, on the other hand, you’ve already selected the key pieces for your space, you’re a little more limited on the curtain color. Which actually makes your job a little easier, because you have your color palette already and simply need to look for curtains in one of the colors from your palette.

No matter which color you select from your palette, I’m certain it will look stunning against your white walls.

What Color Curtains Go With White Walls and Dark Furniture?

If your walls are painted white and your furniture is dark, I would suggest going with curtains in a medium-to-dark color that complements your furniture. 

For example, if your furniture is brown, consider buying curtains in navy blue, black, or earth tones (like sage green). Navy and black curtains would also pair nicely with charcoal colored furniture. 

When it comes to choosing curtains to go with your darker color furniture, the key is to consider your color scheme and the desired ambiance of the room. 

What Color Curtains Make a Room Look Brighter?

While curtains cannot, in and of themselves, make a room look brighter, lighter colored curtains will certainly help. White and light-colored neutrals, like ivory and light gray, are great options. And sheer curtains are perfect if you want to let a little extra light into the space while dressing up the windows.

What Are the Best Curtains for Temperature Control?

If your goal is to control the temperature, then darker, heavier curtains are ideal. Blackout curtains can help block out the sun and heat in the summer, and heavier curtains will also block drafty windows in the winter.

What is the Best Curtain Color for Privacy?

If privacy is your main concern, choose heavier, opaque curtains rather than lighter, sheer window coverings. While darker colors can help maintain privacy to some degree, it’s more important to consider the thickness and opacity over color. 

Based on personal experience, I can attest that even the darkest curtains don’t provide adequate privacy at night if they aren’t completely opaque. (And when you live in the middle of town, you definitely want to keep prying eyes out of your personal business.)

What Curtain Color Goes With Everything?

White curtains go with virtually every color. And while it could be the perfect curtain color for your space, you’ll also want to take into account the overall desired ambiance of the room. 

Next in line are neutrals like off-white, gray, beige, black, and navy. These are all great choices because they go with quite a few different colors, although you’ll want to consider the other colors in the room before finalizing your decision. 

Best Curtain Colors For White Walls

And that’s a wrap! We now have a list of thirteen great curtain colors to go with white walls, plus answers to some of the most common questions about choosing curtains for your home.

So, what curtain color are you leaning toward? 

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