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10 Productivity-Boosting Sherwin Williams Home Office Paint Colors

For all the perks that come with working from home, there are just as many distractions: social media notifications popping up on your phone; that mountain of laundry that’s been calling your name; a gorgeous sunny afternoon begging you to head outdoors. 

Or, in my case, a constantly-hungry toddler.

Working from home requires extra focus – and choosing the right paint color can help. Whether you need a serene workspace to keep you calm or something more bold to boost creativity, one of these Sherwin Williams home office paint colors will surely fit the bill.

Since we’re all pretty busy here, let’s dive right into that list of colors.

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Productivity-Boosting Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

You might notice that this list contains a lot more “colorful” paints rather than neutrals. My reasoning? 

You could slap on a coat of basically any neutral paint color and call it a day. But right now we’re on the hunt for colors that motivate and inspire – or, at least, colors that help to improve focus and productivity. So that’s what I’m bringing to the table today.

sherwin williams inverness home office paint color


Inverness SW 6433 by Sherwin Williams is a dark yellow-green that can bring a sense of harmony to your home office, boosting creative productivity. 

sw coral bells bold paint color

Coral Bells

Sherwin Williams’ Coral Bells SW 6593 is a charismatic coral hue, making it the perfect pop of color for lifting the spirits and boosting energy.

st barts by sherwin williams; a beautiful paint color for the home office

St. Bart’s

St. Bart’s SW 7614 by Sherwin Williams is a deep greenish blue color with some gray in its undertone. This is the color I chose for my kids’ playroom, where there is a LOT of natural light, and it’s absolutely perfect.

sw natural linen, a nice neutral wall color

Natural Linen

Sherwin Williams Natural Linen SW 9109 is a beige with a slightly gray undertone; it works especially well with lighter colored wood.

aleutian by sherwin williams


Sherwin Williams’ Aleutian SW 6241 is a medium blue-gray hue. This “cool denim blue settles on your space like calm personified” according to their website.

sherwin williams polar bear, a neutral home office paint color

Polar Bear

While Polar Bear SW 7564 by Sherwin Williams is in the White family, it’s actually a creamy off-white with yellow undertones.

sw iron ore home office wall color

Iron Ore

According to Sherwin Williams’ website: “This cool, deep and mysterious charcoal can lend an air of sophistication when used sparingly in well-lit spaces – or on exteriors.” Iron Ore SW 7069 is a slightly-lighter alternative to black that’s still sophisticated and moody.

lemon verbena by sherwin williams

Lemon Verbena

A mid-tone yellowish-green color, Sherwin Williams’ Lemon Verbena SW 7726 would really complement the Mid-Century Modern style home.

evergreen fog, a muted green paint color

Evergreen Fog

A “simple but sophisticated wash of beautiful, organic color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade,” Evergreen Fog SW 9130 is a muted green with a hint of blue.

sw chamois, a rich caramel wall color for the home office


Sherwin Williams’ Chamois SW 6131 is a light brown in the Yellow color family. (I love this color because it reminds me of a rich, delicious caramel!)

How to Choose a Paint Color for Your Home Office

Not sure how to decide on a paint color for your home office? I totally get it! With all the difference color options available, how exactly does one choose?

Here are a few pointers.

1. Consider Your Lighting

Do you have lots of natural light streaming into your home office? Or is it pretty dark? If the latter, then you’ll want to add either more lighting or better lighting — or both.

You might want to consider a combination of bright overhead light that evenly illuminates the entire room AND task lighting near your desk (source).

Try LED bulbs in a flush or semi-flush overhead fixture, and consider using incandescent bulbs for task lighting.

Make sure to update your lighting before choosing a wall color, though. Changing out your light bulbs can really alter the way a paint color looks!

2. Understand Color Psychology

Take color psychology into consideration, along with the overall ambiance you want to achieve. For example:

  • Are you trying to create a fresh, airy feel?
  • Do you want to create a moody vibe?
  • Or do you love color and want to make a bold statement?

Understanding your goals and the way you want to feel in your office can help you determine a color family as a starting point. You can read more about color psychology in Interior Design here.

3. Grab Some Samples

Finally, once you’ve narrowed it down to a few favorite colors, you’ll want to test them out in your office.

You have a couple different options: Grab a sample pot from your favorite paint retailer, along with some foam brushes/rollers, OR order some peel-and-stick samples.

Once you have your samples, try out each color on the office walls to see how they look and make your decision from there.

Quick note on peel-and-stick swatches:

Samplize makes color-correct 12″x12″ samples using real paint from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Farrow&Ball. They’re inexpensive AND they arrive at your doorstep in 1-3 days.

Use code FIRSTFIVE for a discount on your first Samplize order!

Home Office Paint Colors

Today, we covered ten home office paint colors by Sherwin Williams that will, hopefully, help you improve focus and boost productivity.

I have yet to re-paint my home office since moving into our current home, but I was thinking about it the other day…and I’m kind of leaning toward either Inverness or Coral Bells for something fun and bold. How about you?

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