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7 Serene Sherwin Williams Coastal Farmhouse Interior Paint Colors

On the hunt for Sherwin Williams coastal farmhouse interior paint colors?

In recent years, the simplicity of the Farmhouse style has become increasingly popular. Homeowners also seem to love showcasing tranquil Coastal elements in their homes. (Myself included!)

Does your dream home seamlessly blend cozy simplicity and elegant tranquility? You’re not alone! In fact, a reader recently asked me about paint colors for the coastal farmhouse style.

Which is why I’m sharing some of the most popular coastal farmhouse interior paint colors in today’s post. I carefully curated the best paint colors for any coastal farmhouse style home.

If you also feel drawn to this popular style fusion, you’ll want to stick with me. First, I’ll share seven coastal farmhouse paint colors available at Sherwin Williams. Then we’ll explore a few questions you might have.

Let’s get started!

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Sherwin Williams Coastal Farmhouse Interior Paint Colors At-A-Glance

In case you’re curious (or in a hurry), here are the coastal farmhouse paint colors highlighted in this article:

We’ll delve into each of these colors in just a minute! But first….

Short on time? Need help coordinating a Sherwin Williams whole house color palette?

Grab a copy of my professionally curated Coastal Farmhouse paint color palette NOW… And save yourself a whole lot of heartache later!

This color guide is pretty inexpensive at just $15, and it will save you a TON of time. But I totally understand if it’s not in your budget right now, or if you would rather put together your own color palette….

In which case, carry on! You’ll find the seven coastal farmhouse colors just a short scroll down.

SW6218 Tradewind

sherwin williams timeless coastal farmhouse paint color

Tradewind is a cool light blue with a hint of green and gray in its undertones. This soft hue captures the essence of clear skies and gentle ocean breezes. It’s a soothing choice for your coastal farmhouse haven. 

Placement recommendation: Try this color in your bedroom or bathroom.

SW6204 Sea Salt

sherwin williams sea salt paint color

Sea Salt is a timeless classic in both the coastal and the farmhouse color palettes. This muted blue-green (with gray undertones) plays well with a range of accent colors. 

Placement recommendation: I would put this color nearly anywhere, from the living area to the bedrooms, and even the bathrooms.

SW7015 Repose Gray

repose gray by sherwin williams - a coastal farmhouse interior paint color

A versatile and serene warm gray paint color, Repose Gray provides the perfect neutral backdrop for your coastal farmhouse decor. It has the slightest violet and green undertones. The undertones that shine through can really depend on various factors, from lighting to surrounding materials.

Placement recommendation: This is a great choice for your entryway, kitchen/dining room, and living room.

SW 6211 Rainwashed

coastal farmhouse paint color: rainwashed by sherwin williams

Rainwashed is a beautiful blue-green color with the slightest hint of gray. If you’re looking to avoid neutrals and bring color to your walls, this is a great choice! 

Placement recommendation: Consider it for your bedroom or bathroom.

SW7621 Silvermist

sherwin williams silvermist interior wall color

A medium-depth blue-green paint color (with gray undertones), Silvermist is yet another coastal farmhouse color option. It’s not quite as popular as some of the others, but it could really make a statement in the right space!

Placement recommendation: Use this one in a South- or West-facing room.

SW6478 Watery

coastal farmhouse interior paint color: watery by sherwin williams

Watery is a blue paint color with green undertones. This delicate aqua-blue hue captures the essence of oceanfront living and sets the stage for a coastal farmhouse oasis.

Placement recommendation: Try it in the kitchen or bathroom.

SW7057 Silver Strand

silver strand by sherwin williams

A super flexible blue-gray-green hue, Silver Strand can look vastly different from room to room. It usually favors blue, but it’s also been known to pull green at times. This paint color will bring a bit of depth to your coastal farmhouse walls without being too “colorful”.

Placement recommendation: This is a great choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Coastal Farmhouse Style?

This style is a fusion of two popular interior design aesthetics: Coastal and Farmhouse. It’s a thoughtful blend of relaxed breeziness and rustic charm. 

The coastal farmhouse style incorporates soft, soothing color palettes and natural textures, like wood and wicker. You might even find nautical accents alongside vintage farmhouse elements. 

These spaces often feature open, airy layouts with plenty of natural light. This is a timeless ambiance that captures the essence of coastal serenity and farmhouse warmth.

What Colors are Coastal Farmhouse?

The coastal farmhouse color palette includes soft, soothing colors and variations of ocean-inspired hues. For example:

  • Soft blues and aquas
  • Whites and creams
  • Soft grays and greige
  • Sandy beiges and taupe
  • Seafoam green
  • Navy blue
  • Soft pastels (blush pink, light mint, and pale lavender)

When it comes to crafting a coastal farmhouse color palette, the key is to balance these colors harmoniously. Use soft, soothing tones for the coastal aspect and warmer, earthier hues for the farmhouse component.

text that reads: coastal farmhouse directly above a painting of a farmhouse using coastal inspired paint colors; directly below are six of sherwin williams' coastal farmhouse interior paint colors

Whole House Sherwin Williams Coastal Farmhouse Color Palette

So… Are you ready to transform your home into a serene coastal farmhouse oasis??

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the different paint color options, fear not! That’s what I’m here for.

I’ve done all of the legwork so your paint colors will flow cohesively throughout your entire home.

Enter the Whole House Coastal Farmhouse Paint Color Palette. This is my very own professionally curated guide, featuring 16 Sherwin Williams shades.

my professionally curated 16-color sherwin-williams coastal farmhouse whole house palette

In this Instant Download, I break it all down into 10 pre-made paint color combinations, including:

  • ONE wall color
  • ONE trim color
  • 3-4 coordinating colors

Each of these ten pages also includes room placement recommendations.

And if you’re not sure which paint sheen to choose for each room? I’ve got you covered there, as well, with my Paint Sheens Cheat Sheet!

And last, but certainly not least, I’ve added in some mood boards and room styling recommendations to further inspire you.

If you’re ready to elevate your interior design game, download your copy now… And get ready to bring your coastal farmhouse dream to life!

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