Holiday Home Decor Shopping Guide [2023]

white fireplace with white christmas decor

Welcome to my brand-new holiday home decor shopping guide, where I’ll be sharing all of the most magical accessories for your winter holiday needs. While it’s true that this is (mostly) a wall decor site, I’ve decided to include any and all holiday decor that I know you’re sure to love as much as I do. So snuggle up under your coziest blanket, warm up your shopping finger, and get ready to start decorating for the holidays!

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Mini Wreaths

Mini wreaths are all the rage right now! Hang them from your cabinet doors, on the backs of dining chairs, or on your front porch, just for a few ideas.

Can’t find the perfect wreath/ribbon combo? No worries! You can always buy a plain mini wreath and hang it from the ribbon of your choice.

Then add your own personal touch, whether that’s pinecones, berry sprigs, mini lights, or whatever it is that speaks to you.

Wall Art

Changing out your wall decor is the quickest way to make an impact when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Whether you opt for a large canvas, pre-printed posters, or print-at-home artwork, you really can’t go wrong!

The cool thing about printable wall art? You can buy an inexpensive frame (or put together an entire gallery wall of frames) and then swap out your prints for fresh artwork every holiday/season.

Tree Collars

To be honest, I only recently learned about the existence of Christmas tree collars, and let me tell you… Total game changer! 

For years, we’ve done without the tree skirt because, well, they can look a little frumpy. On the other hand, our tree looks, er, naked without one. Can you guess how excited I am to try out our water hyacinth tree collar this Christmas?!

Throw Pillows & Blankets

Naturally, you can’t forget about swapping out the ol’ blankets and accent pillows with chunkier, cozier, and more festive versions. Let’s take a look at a few things I’ve been eyeing up. 

Holiday Accessories

And finally, I wanted to cover one more category — miscellaneous holiday decor that didn’t really fit into the other categories but I thought you’d love them anyway!

Thanks for visiting, and happy decorating!


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