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Cute and Cozy Autumn Decor for the Home — 21 Great Fall Decorating Ideas

There’s something about the crisp fall air that makes me want to retreat indoors. To cozy up next to a crackling fireplace. (Surrounded by fall inspired decorations, of course!)

And who doesn’t?! For that reason, I’m sharing a list of some of the coziest Autumn decor for the home.

I’ve come up with twenty-one simple ways to bring a little bit of Autumn into your home. On a budget? I have some tips to get around that, too.

Let’s begin!

autumn decor for the home including white pumpkins, fall wreath, wheat sheaths, and accent pillows; text that reads: cozy autumn decorating ideas for the home: trendy AND timeless!

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When Should I Decorate My House for Autumn?

When to begin the fall decorating is a matter of personal preference. Some people start on the first day of Autumn. Others wait until it starts to “feel” a little more fall-like outside.

A good rule of thumb is to start decorating your house for Autumn in late September or early October.

In case you’re curious (or short on time):

✅I’ve thoughtfully curated a list of this year’s fall decorating trends in this post.

The list above is updated every year to include handy dandy shopping links for trendy fall items. But if it’s a bit of light reading that you’re after, scroll downward!

Cozy Autumn Decor for the Home

Here are some cute fall decorating ideas for the living room, dining room, or any room in the house, really.

1. Add Cozy Blankets

table with pumpkins, flowers, and a chair with blankets draped over it

Autumn is the perfect time to decorate the house with pumpkins and gourds. To “cozy up” under a warm blanket (like this reversible sherpa fleece) with a hot beverage.

Place extra blankets around the house to make that easier to do wherever you happen to be.

2. Tuck Pumpkins Into Little Nooks

Place pumpkins and gourds in unexpected places around the house. Put them in little nooks and crannies in the bookcase, China cabinet, or on the bathroom shelf.

3. Accent With a Touch of Plaid

Nothing says, “Autumn” like plaid does. Accent pillows, blankets, and even heavier curtains like these… All great places to accent the home with a touch of buffalo plaid.

4. Cozy Up With a Hot Beverage

cup of tea with lemon surrounded by leaves and berries

Whether you prefer hot chocolate, tea, or coffee, it’s easy to appreciate a warm beverage on a chilly Autumn afternoon.

Warm up your dining table or coffee table with a textured table runner (burlap fabric works well!) and some fall inspired decor, such as pine cones, leaves, and berries.

Then make yourself a snack and something to drink, and enjoy!

5. Decorate With Dark Candles

Consider swapping out your lighter colored candles for darker hues: plum, cranberry, and orange (like this pumpkin spice jar candle!).

6. Warm Your Feet on a Patterned Runner

It might not be something you’d normally think of when decorating for fall… But why not switch out that boring old rug or runner with a patterned one in fall colors

They don’t just add interest to your space. Rugs with patterns can also help achieve that cozy factor you’re aiming for.

7. Paint Your Pumpkins

painted pumpkins and a chair draped with a blanket

Nix the plain ol’ boring pumpkins this year and paint them using whatever colors you like. Looking for ways to decorate pumpkins without carving them? Check out these adorable no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas.

8. Create a Foraged Centerpiece

Items from nature make the perfect Autumn decor. And that includes DIY table centerpieces!

Arrange leafy branches or wheat sheaves in a glass vase or fill a jar with pine cones and berries. Yes, it’s totally fine to purchase faux pieces. However, it might not be necessary if you live where these things are free for the taking.

Pro Designer Tip: Use containers that you already own, and this project will be 100% free!

9. Hang a Fall Wreath

Buy or make a fall wreath like this one featuring autumn-inspired flowers, apples, or corn cobs. Then hang them on the wall or on your front door.

10. Make Your Own Leaves

wood heart with paper leaves

Live in a place where colorful leaves aren’t readily available? Make your own using colored construction paper!

11. Swap Out Pillows

One of the easiest, and most cost effective, ways to change out your home decor each season… Changing out your accent pillow covers.

The best part? You can keep them to a minimum with just a few pillows, if you like. Or you can completely line your furniture with them. It all depends on your personal preference.

12. Arrange Fall Flowers

Real or faux, fall flowers such as dahlias and ranunculus will add a feeling of coziness to your home. Use some colorful leaves as filler to give your floral arrangement a definite fall flair.

13. Bring it Outdoors

vase with sunflowers on an outdoor table

Autumn decor doesn’t have to be kept indoors! Got outdoor furniture? Display a pretty fall centerpiece or a seasonal floral arrangement on the table.

14. Decorate the Porch

The porch is another outdoor space that invites fall decorations.

Hang a pretty Autumn wreath on the door. Add a scarecrow that’s sitting on a haybale. Finally, a fall-inspired welcome sign will help warm up your front porch.

15. Decorate With Corn Husks

There are a number of different ways to add fall flair with corn husk tamale wrappers. You could make your own napkin rings, for example — check out this slideshow for instructions.

16. Add Eucalyptus Leaves

painted pumpkins and eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus leaves might not seem like something you’d use as Autumn fall decor, but they certainly make a colorful addition to a pumpkin or gourd arrangement.

17. Display Fall Foliage

Display colorful leaves in a floral arrangement or on the fireplace mantel. You could even découpage a white gourd with pressed leaves. The options are virtually limitless.

18. Highlight the Fireplace

Ramp up your fireplace mantel by adding Autumn decor:

  • painted pumpkins
  • fall floral arrangement
  • colorful leaf garland
  • gourds and squash
  • berry branches
  • foliage and candles
  • plaid fabric
  • wheat stalks
  • eucalyptus branches

19. Fill a Basket With Fruit and Gourds

bowl with apples and pumpkins

Fill your fruit basket with apples, gourds, and even pine cones… And you’ll instantly achieve an Autumn feel.

20. Make Leaf Art

Press Autumn leaves behind framed glass or découpage a white gourd with pressed leaves. Use either real or faux leaves (you could even make your own using colored paper). Then string them together to create an Autumnal garland.

21. Warm Up the Walls

Do the walls need a fresh coat of paint? Create a cozier feel this fall with a coat of paint in a warmer color, like beige or greige.

Prefer a little more color than that? Go with red, yellow, and orange hues instead.

How Do You Decorate for Fall on a Budget?

Just because money is tight, you don’t have to forgo the fall decor. Here are a few inexpensive ways to decorate your home for the fall:

  • Check out thrift stores for bargains on gently used decor.
  • Gather items from nature: leaves, pine cones, branches, etc.
  • Decorate your home with these pretty Thanksgiving colors.
  • Shop post season sales.
  • DIY using items you already have around the house.
  • Display mini pumpkins in a vase that you already own.
  • Cut long branches and display in a tall vase.

What’s your favorite item on this list of Autumn decor for the home? Which ideas will you use when decorating your home this fall?


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